News 4-10-19

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Komal Patel

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Triton Voice News Briefs

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Triton Voice News Briefs

Black hole? Astronauts had came to the conclusion that they saw a black hole, a “cosmic abyss so deep and dense that not even light can escape it.” The galaxy was known as Messier 87, this is very far from earth. This has shook many people including the ways that people think. Like Einstein, he had a different theory about what would have happened.


New fungus? There has been a rumor about a new fungus going around in the us. It is a serious global threat to our environment. At Least 587 cases were found to be positive in these past years. It is spreading in New York City, New Jersey, and Chicago. The fungus is referred to as C. auris, its name means that it is resistant to antifungal medicines. Which in most cases makes it very hard to treat.