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2017-2018 Staff

Shannon Lanphear

Staff Writer

My name is Shannon Lanphear, I am a senior here at Triton High school. This is my third year writing for the school newspaper. I enjoy writing about current events that are interesting to me so that I am learning more about t...

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Nathaniel Schmuch

Staff Writer

My name is Nathaniel Schmuch, I am a senior , and I enjoy covering entertainment for the newspaper. I am involved in The music all around Triton, including the Jazz Band and Jazz Choir. When I graduate I hope to either go into...

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Morgan Dexter

Staff Writer

My name is Morgan Dexter, and I am a senior at Triton. I am a staff writer for the school newspaper and website. I enjoy writing stories for the paper. When I am not at school I am either sleeping or at work. I plan on attending...

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Austin Mooney


Austin Mooney is a senior at Triton Regional Highschool; who enjoys writing for the Triton Voice. Politics and news from around the world are some of the topics he writes about. Austin enjoys running and exercise as well as playing...

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Staff Profile

Staff Writer

My name is Alessandra Basile and I am a senior Triton High School. I have danced for most of my life. I stopped dancing my sophomore year to focus on school. I work at White Farms Ice Cream in Ipswich. I am currently in the proc...

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Paige Zukowski


My name is Paige Zukowski, and I am a Junior at Triton High School. I like covering the Triton newspaper because hearing about the latest news and writing stories on what's going on in our world interests me. I’ve been da...

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Caitlyn Roberge

Staff Writer

Name: Caitlyn Roberge Year of graduation: 2019 What I enjoy covering: I like to cover interesting topics or things happening around Triton. I learn so much that I haven't found out about before, and learning new things that...

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Emily Muzi

Staff Writer

My name is Emily Muzi. I am a 17-year-old senior at Triton High School. I’m from Rowley, Massachusetts and I work at White Farms Ice Cream in Ipswich, Ma. In journalism, I like to cover stories about problems students think...

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Caitlyn Chaisson

Staff Writer

My name is Caitlyn Chaisson and I am a junior here at Triton. I live in Salisbury, Massachusetts with my parents and my younger sister. I am on the cheerleading team here at Triton and I’m also on two other teams outside of T...

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Joshua Rolfe


My name is Joshua Rolfe and I am a senior at Triton High School. I played soccer at the school for 5 years, recently ending the reign as my team completed our final season together. I also enjoy swimming, camping, and ski...

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Emily Wood

Staff Writer

My name is Emily Wood, I am a senior this year at Triton High School. I have lived in Byfield all my life with my mom, dad and two older sisters who went to Triton as well. I went to Newbury Elementary School in Newbury from preschool...

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Anthony Lentz

Staff Writer

Anthony Lentz is a senior and this is his second year writing for the Triton Voice. Currently learning French and Mandarin, he plans to continue studying foreign languages. At school he's involved with theatre, marching band,...

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Jonathan Reilly

Staff Writer

Hi, I'm Jonathan Reilly! I like to cover stories that normally are related to the arts and entertainment. Occasionally I will cover stories that deal with real world issues in this country and in others.   Outside my...

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Will Karantonis

Staff Writer

Hey, I'm Will. I enjoy covering food and music, along with the occasional report on guitar related news. I'm currently one of the fry cooks at Spud's Restaurant and Pub in Rowley, and enjoy playing guitar in my free time. I don't...

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Katie MacDonald

Staff Writer

My name is Katie MacDonald and I am a senior at Triton High School graduating in the year 2018. I am a staff writer for the Triton Voice Newspaper, and my favorite topics to write about for the newspaper are current events an...

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Erin Drew

Staff Writer

My name is Erin Drew. I am a Junior and this is first year in Journalism. I enjoy writing about interesting things that happen within the school. I think it is important for the Triton community to be informed about what is hap...

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Maddie Fecteau

Staff Writer

My name is Madison Fecteau, but most people know me by Maddie. I am a junior at Triton High School and this is my first year as a Staff Writer for the Triton Voice. When I’m not cheering, swimming or working at the pizza place, ...

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Steve Baiardi

Staff Writer

Steve Baiardi is a senior staff writer at Triton high school. This is his first year writing for the Triton Voice. He likes to cover the senior class, national issues and sporting events. He is the Manager/Assistant Coach for...

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David Durante

Staff Writer

Staff Profile My name is David Durante, I am a senior, and for the newspaper I like to cover things as far as issues I am concerned about or that others are talking about in the school, but I also love doing recipes and seasonal...

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Luke Groder

Staff Writer

Name: Luke Groder Year in School: Triton Senior Activities: Fall play and spring musical, community service, peer mediation Jobs: Pettengill Farm in Salisbury Enjoys: Hiking, ATV ing, and skiing College and Career ...

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Julia Plummer

Staff Writer

My name is Julia Plummer and I'm a staff writer for the Triton Voice. I'm a cheerleader and will be graduating in 2018. I enjoy writing about current events outside and inside the school, and student life. I think that it's important...

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Matt Toppi

Staff Writer

  My name is Matt Toppi. I am from Rowley, Mass and I am a senior in Mr. Allen’s C Period Journalism class. I enjoy covering news based stories for the Triton Voice Newspaper because they are based off of actual events....

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Maia Perry

Staff Writer

My name is Maia Perry. I moved to Salisbury in 2nd grade and have lived there ever since with my mom and my seven-year-old sister. I am currently 17 and I am a senior this year at Triton. I enjoy covering things like fashion an...

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Rachel Rowe

Staff Writer

My name is Rachel Rowe. I'm 18 years old, and a senior at Triton High School. While graduating is going to occur in several months, a class I will definitely reflect back on as I leave Triton will be the Journalism classes I've...

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Ryan Farrell

Staff Writer

Ryan Farrell is a senior at Triton High School. This is his first year as a staff writer for the Triton Voice. He is interested in sports and technology. He has played football and rugby for four years during high school and would...

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Lindsey Laudenslager

Staff Writer

Grade: 12 Favorite Writing Topics: Arts department news and Interesting and obscure problems. Activities/ Hobbies: Marching Band, Women's Choir, Winter Percussion, Ceramics,  Netflix, and of course Sleeping. Work: Wolf Hil...

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Hannah Marsh

Staff Writer

Hannah is a senior who enjoys covering major news stories and trending topics. She is a Customer Support Representative at Tractor Supply Co., and also enjoys travelling with her family. Hannah is planning on studying Political...

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Grace Tanch

Staff Writer

Grace Tanch is a senior reporter for the Triton Voice. As an international and national news beat editor, she enjoys covering stories that impact more than just the small Triton community. She plays tennis for Triton, in addition...

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Mitchell Wolpert

Staff Writer

Staff Writer & Arts Beat Editor   Grade: 12 Favorite Writing Topics: Astrology and Pop Culture Hobbies/Passions: Acting and singing...and sometimes dancing Future Plans: I plan to study biology at a college in New England and h...

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Riane Vatcher

Staff Writer

Riane Vatcher is a senior and is enjoying her first year of taking journalism. She believes that journalism is important because people need to be informed of what is happening around them. Her favorite topic to cover are ...

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Lindsey Gardella

Staff Writer

Lindsey Gardella is a junior at Triton High School. She is a part of the track team and she has two jobs. She works at The Hungry Traveler and Vision Max Cinema. She also volunteers weekly for Special Olympics, which is a sports...

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Savannah Nolan

Staff writer

I’m Savannah Nolan, I am a junior, and I enjoy covering news events and opinionated editorials. For sports I play volleyball and do track. In my free time I enjoy sleeping, shopping, and watching Netflix. I currently work at...

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Ivy Simms

Staff Writer

When it comes to the items I like to report, I report national events and affairs or I report items that are not widely discussed or thought about. The life I have upheld to this year, my Junior year, I've used all my free...

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Nick Perreault

Staff Writer

What do you enjoy about covering for the newspaper? Something important to the students like bathrooms status or new policies Activities I enjoy, What I do in my free time, Jobs I have Some of my favorite activities, which ...

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Dylan Waters

Staff Writer

I enjoy filming movies, editing videos, and playing video games. My goals for my future are to go to a film college and get a job in the field of videography. I enjoy writing for the school paper because it allows me to be creative...

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Thomas Powis

Staff Writer

Name: Thomas Powis Activities: I enjoy programming and working at my neighborhood hardware store Lunt & Kellys True Value. College and Career Goals: I hope to apply and get into a Umass College and get a degree...

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Aliyah Frasca

Staff Writer

My name is Aliyah Frasca. I'm a Junior at Triton High School and i enjoy covering opinion based articles and informative articles. I love to run, play lacrosse and hangout with friends and I currently work at Pomodori in Ipswich....

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Audrey Caron

Staff Writer

My name is Audrey Caron. I am a junior at Triton High School and when writing stories for the newspaper I enjoy covering anything from local stories to bigger stories. I enjoy playing lacrosse, track and hanging out with my friends....

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Meri Fullford

Staff Writer

My name is Meri Fullford and I am a junior. I enjoy covering national news stories for the Triton voice. Some of my favorite activities are playing tennis, and hanging out with my friends. My goals for after high school are to...

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Rachel Lees

Staff Writer

My name is Rachel Lees and this is my first year writing for Triton Voice. I enjoy shopping, the ocean, and spending time with my family and friends. I think that it is important for students to take journalism to learn skills t...

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Isabella Kreticos

staff writers

Hello, my name is Isabella Kreticos but I go by Bella. I think journalism is important because it gives the community the information they should/may want to know with trusting facts. I enjoy listing to music and going for walks....

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Sofia DeSimone

Staff Writer

Staff writer Sofia DeSimone is a senior at Triton High School. This is her first year writing for The Voice.  DeSimone is a class officer for the Class of 2018. She enjoys covering sports and student life when writing articles...

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Erika Siemasko

Staff Writer

She is Erika Siemasko, 18, a new staff writer for the one and only Triton Voice. Her love for journalism is strong so far, and she can't wait to see what's coming. Name: Erika Siemasko Age: 18 Graduation year: 2018 Interests: Fashion, Soccer, Lacrosse, working ...

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Marlee Smith

Staff Writer

Her name is Marlee Smith and this is her first year writing for the Triton Voice. She enjoys sports, shopping, and hanging out with her friends. Marlee loves to write and thinks it is important for students to be introduced to...

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Owen Heffernan

Staff Writer

Owen Heffernan is a senior staff writer at Triton high school. This is his first year writing for the Triton Voice. He likes to cover politics, the senior class, and sports. He is captain of the Soccer team, plays forward on t...

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Gabrielle Lowry

Staff Writer

Gabrielle Lowry is a junior at Triton High School. She joined journalism with goals to create and produce stories that are one of a kind. Gabrielle loves to play sports and hangout with friends on her free time. Some cool...

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