Renovations & Repair Survey at THS Begins

Architects, Contractors Reviewing THS Building Needs

Repaired bathrooms are one of the only issues on the list of updates being examined by contractors during an ongoing survey of THS

Nick Pagliarulo

Repaired bathrooms are one of the only issues on the list of updates being examined by contractors during an ongoing survey of THS"s building needs (Pagliarulo Photo)

Community, high school, and architects in talks about potential THS renovation.

Within the next three to five years, future students might come back to a fully renovated Triton High School consisting of updated amenities that are a necessity to keep Triton going. The most popular amenity that students would like to see fixed are things such as the school bathrooms. Christopher Walsh, facilities director for the district, said other things that many haven’t thought of, such as the new roof, a new loading dock, and MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing). Walking into a renovated Triton would not only change the way students have perceived Triton for decades, but would be to the students benefit on the enjoyment on coming to school each day.

For the past few weeks, there has been a group of contractors from Norwell, Massachusetts, Habib Architects, who have come forward allowing the school to give them a tour of the premises. The group walking up and down the halls and scouting out things that need to be redone such as the bathrooms, roofing and parking lots, has led to the student body to start to spread the word, and it’s starting to spread fast.

Many have been starting to question whether it would be better to do a complete renovation or a complete rebuild within the future.

 “I don’t think a renovation is the answer. I think the solution is more of a rip-down and rebuild,” said Stacy Beaulieu, Academic Support Teacher.

With some thinking a complete rebuild of the school is the answer, others, including a few from the student body, think a renovation is more practical and more realistic. 

“I feel like there will be a few changes, but I don’t believe they are going to complete a whole renovation like Pine Grove” said junior, Julia Casaletto.

Triton would be following a strategy known as MEP, explained Walsh. “MEP, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing. Mechanical is anything from elevator systems to rooftop units that provide heating and cooling, electrical will be including technology, and plumbing is piping, fire safety and things of that matter” said Walsh.

As well as existing amenities being renovated within Triton, the addition of new features within the school that are not already on premises is quite promising within the near future.

Looking at Pine Grove and seeing new open areas in every hall for kids to sit and do work has become a reality within the elementary school, and sets a good example for schools such as Triton to get in touch with their creative side for how the new school premises should be completed. 

“A school swimming pool would be an interesting feature for the swim team” said Brendan Stokes, business teacher. 

Insight has also been given about Walsh’s hopes for new features that would require another method to obtain outside of the contracers hands. “I would love to see us get a press box,” said Walsh.

Building a new school or renovating what’s already their would vary both ways on how it affects a students attitude towards coming to school each day. “Not only would it enrich the students experience at school, but many that go to Triton might feel a bit prouder to show it off. Before the stadium renovation a few years ago, hosting a track meet here was impossible, no one could run here or wanted to. To know that Triton now has the ability to have a meet here, is what a lot of students take pride in” said Beaulieu. 

Although a construction project to Triton might give students an opportunity to show off a new aspect of viking pride, it’s up to the students to take action. “Some students are just driven, and for some, school will never be their thing” said Scott Brennan, assistant principal. 

 “If I came to some nicely renovated, modern, American school, my attitude would be better going forward,” said junior, Brycen Cray. It’s quite clear that a renovation project would make a difference towards the school environment for some. “Going to a new school would make me more grateful for my education,” said Casaletto.

“The contractors are still in the process of analyzing, and I am sure their will be more visits,” said Walsh. A project such as a renovation to Triton that was once an imagination for some

Jack Niska
The non-user friendly loading dock (Niska Photo)

might finally become a reality for the younger generations to be able to experience. “The goal to get this project started is going to be within the five year range” said Walsh.