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Colin Pearson

Colin Pearson, Writer

Hey, I’m Colin Pearson. I am a junior at Triton High School. In school, I love to play sports. I’m on the golf, hockey, and lacrosse teams. So that’s what I mainly do outside of school too. I also love to play video games and watch tv. The main thing I like about journalism is that we do not have to read any books. But I also like how the whole class is about talking to and learning about people and what's happening around the school. I like how we get to spread the truth about things going on around our school district. There are always rumors that exaggerate, or simply lie about something that's going on but we get the real story from the people who are actually involved. I do not want to be a journalist for a living though. I am almost positive that I want to be an engineer of some kind.

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Monday early releases

December 7, 2021
Triton hockey team huddles up after a hard practice

Big Skates to Fill

November 15, 2021
An upstairs high school bathroom stall door mysteriously disappeared, most likely due to the Devious Lick trend

MISSING: Bathroom Door

November 10, 2021
Two seniors dressed as sumo wrestlers walk in Tritons Halloween parade

Spooky Sumo

November 4, 2021
Senior walks in Tritons Halloween parade

Princess of Halloween

November 4, 2021
Braeden McDonald lines up his put on the 7th green at Olde Newbury golf course.

Good Bye Golf Team

November 4, 2021
Mr. McConnell in front of his whiteboard, in the Salisbury Elementary music room.

The New Sound at S.E.S.

October 14, 2021
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