Good Bye Golf Team

Triton’s golf season is over and their record is shocking

Braeden McDonald lines up his put on the 7th green at Olde Newbury golf course.

McDonald Photo

Braeden McDonald lines up his put on the 7th green at Olde Newbury golf course.

After the Graduation of Triton Golf All-Star Cael Kohan, the Triton Varsity golf team had a lot to prove this season.  With long time coaching staff Mr. Dube and Coach Mac leading the way, the team: Connor Houlihan, Richard Gardella,, Griffin Houlihan, Braeden McDonald, Quinn Fidler, Gavin Colby, Vincent Magee, Kyle Bouley, Mason Colby, Evan Mace, Colin Pearson, and Ashton Mace worked hard during summer captains practices and preseason to prepare to defend their Title as CAL champs.

The primarily undergraduate team ended their regular season on October 11th at the River Rat Tournament at Old Newbury with one final unfortunate loss to end the season. led by “head rat” McDonald followed closely by Gardella, Conner Houlihan and Griffin Houlihan. The top 6 were rounded out by Gavin Colby and Fidler. 

Ending the season with a 13 and 3 record is a great record for most sports but the Triton Golf Team holds themselves to a higher standard.   Dube said “ I think we did okay. I know that that may sound weird because 13 and three is generally considered to be a good record, but I was hoping that we could do better.”  This year’s players said they also believe that it was not good enough. ” We sucked this year.” said Gavin Colby. Conner Houlihan (The team’s current top scorer)  and Coach Dube said how they believe the main reason for the 3 losses was because the team struggled with consistency.

This was not as much of a problem in previous years. Over the last two years, the team only lost one match. Dube said the biggest difference was Cael Kohan “ Cael was 2 time Player of the Year and was always putting up big numbers so we take that number away, 28 and replace it with a 12 that’s a big difference. ”Although Cael was phenomenal,  this year the juniors did a good job stepping up and playing well,” said Dube. “We had a solid group of juniors that will be great going into their senior year”

The players are hard on themselves but will use this opportunity to get better.  Captain Braeden McDonald said that the team will work hard during the off-season to get better and spend a lot of time on the course in the summer to prepare to have a great 2022 season.