Triton Hires New Social Worker Mrs. Yespy

In a humble office inside the Triton Library, Mrs. Yespy has just gotten off a call. The room smells as if it were new. Some chairs, tables, and a couch make up the room, all chosen to make the room as comfortable as possible. While this may seem unnecessary, such is required with the problems students might face.

In the context of a high school, being a social worker is a bit like being a therapist. This duty used to belong to Mr. Celia who was moved to Vice Principal. Yespy has since come to replace the role of main social worker for Triton.  

When asked why she wanted to be a counselor/social worker, Yespy said“I’ve always liked helping kids and making a difference.”

Being the social worker for all of Triton is of great importance to the students. Yespy takes up the role of the main social worker for students at Triton. With 600 and counting students at Triton, it is by no means an easy task, despite this, Yespy looks forward to working with students.

Yespy said she has wanted to be a social worker since 5th grade, and that she has always liked helping people. She has both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in her field. While she has many years working in schools, she started by working with homeless people, abuse victims, and others who might need to see a social worker. As is more or less required for the job, Yespy enjoys working with kids. When asked what she would change she replied “I don’t want kids to feel embarrassed, if someone needs to see me I don’t want them to hesitate.”

 Mr. Celia, current vice-principal and former social worker for Triton was part of the interview team for her. He said that “She brings a lot of unique experience to the table.” At Triton, students are part of the interview process, Mr. Celia said “What stood out was how much kids liked her,” which is key in getting a good rapport.

Will Beaton, Triton Senior and member of the interview committee responsible for hiring Yespy. Beaton said “She kept it smooth and simple” and “had the best attitude” for the job. Beaton also said that the second applicant of the two “kept talking about death, which doesn’t make a good impression.”  

At the end of the interview, Yespy was asked if she wanted to tell the reader anything she replied “I or someone else is always available.”