Tesla CyberTruck: The Future of Transportation



The Cybertruck with its impressive light bar spanning the entire front of the truck.

The first time I saw the Tesla Cybertruck I thought it looked like it came right out of a sci-fi movie. CEO of Tesla, Mr. Elon Musk’s first attempt at a truck caught lots of attention, both good and bad. Some say it looks more like a metal piece of art than a truck. But it’s a truck that can pull a Ford F-150 with ease, and then beat a Porsche 911 in a drag race. Did Musk create the truck of the future?


On November 21st, Musk presented his newest invention to the world. The Cybertruck. With sustainability being the main goal of this innovative pickup, it can do a lot more than moving furniture. Its top-end model can go 0-60 in 2.9 seconds and has a top speed of 130 mph, being displayed in a drag race with a Porsche 911 where the Truck defeats the sports car with ease. Along with a range of 500 miles between charges its AWD capability lets it go the extra mile. With a towing capacity of 14,000 pounds, it defeats its competitor, the top of the line 2020 Ford F-150. A demonstration on Youtube shows a Cybertruck pulling that same truck with ease in a tug of war battle. Every model features a payload of 3,500 pounds while the F-150 can only take up to 3,270 pounds at a time. The single motor model will start at $39,900 while the F-150 is about $10,000 less at $28,495.


The Cybertruck is a fantastic concept and will likely be the future as technology improves. It screams sustainability with a great range, can pull and carry more than other trucks in its class. The sleek interior sports 6 black leather seats across 2 rows, an obscure video game-like steering wheel, and Teslas signature tablet, front, and center. The one thing America can’t seem to get over is its appearance, Musk should make some changes to the exterior before he launches the Cybertruck in 2021 and 2022. Do you see yourself driving a Cybertruck in the next coming years? Or is the bland and rigid appearance of the truck a deal-breaker.