Nurse of Eleven Years Finally Finds Her “Place”

Sarah Frizzi, new nurse at Salisbury Elementary School (Frizzi photo)


Sarah Frizzi, new nurse at Salisbury Elementary School (Frizzi photo)

      After working at multiple different hospitals and starting a family, Mrs. Sarah Frizzi knew that when the opportunity at SES arrived to become a school nurse, it was meant to be. 

“I have found my place,” said Frizzi. 

Frizzi began her career at Salem State to study Nursing after high school. She has been a nurse ever since. At the start of her career she always knew she wanted to become a school nurse one day.

     Stepping foot into Frizzi’s office one can immediately tell she works to make the room a comfortable, inviting space for children in need. The walls are filled with bright colors, posters and encouraging quotes. Frizzi expresses that she wants to acclimate to her new working environment to help fulfill the student’s and the schools needs. Although she is excited to be working at a school, it is a big adjustment from working in a hospital. School nursing is a very different type of nursing that Frizzi is still adapting to. Her main goal for this year is to familiarize herself with this new career and to care for all the students to the best of her ability. So far, Frizzi said she has had a great experience at SES. Frizzi may be nervous at the start of her new career but that hasn’t stopped her from making a great impression on SES faculty members. 

“It is very warm and welcoming,” said, Frizzi.

      Along with working at SES Frizzi also works at Anna Jaques and York (Maine) Hospital. She has experience working with not only children but all different ages. She has worked in pediatrics, “special care nursery”, the ICU, and with adults and the elderly. Frizzi said she likes to stay busy and work in many different environments, with various patients. Before becoming a school nurse she wanted to make sure she was obtaining a significant amount of experience in many fields. 

      “I get to do a little bit of everything, so it fulfills me in all the ways,” said Frizzi.

     School nursing is vastly different from working at an average hospital. Although many nurses are able to get to know their patients fairly well, school nurses get to know the student’s personal lives if they are struggling at home. “School health professionals juggle a complex array of medical and social issues, seeing thousands of students, and often are moving from school to school throughout the district,”according to the National Education Association. School nurses not only work with children they also have to work with other faculty members regarding physically and/or metally ill students or students struggling at home. They also may have to work with parents to inform them their child needs medical care or a doctors appointment. 

     “School nursing is way more than Band-aids and ice packs,”according to the Daily Nurse

     After working in pediatrics, Frizzi knew that she wanted to spend her life working with children. She loves helping children and trying to make a difference in their lives, she said. Even if  they are five or twelve she still enjoys helping children feel better whether they are sick or just feeling down. Frizzi says that being a school nurse isn’t just about healing physical wounds, but emotional ones as well. 

       Frizzi also plays an essential role in addressing behavioral health for students struggling mentally. Students will come to her if they are struggling to manage stress or are just nervous for an upcoming test. Frizzi explains that the best way to assist them is to apprehend what’s going on and to walk them through some exercises. She adds that a great way to make them  comfortable is to talk to them, and have a conversation with them about how things are going in school, and how they’re doing overall. Additionally, Frizzi plays the “5 things game”, where students have to observe the room with all their senses. For example, the student would find see five things, touch four things, smell three things, etc. She uses this tactic when she cannot figure if the child is actually ill or just anxious. By the time they have finished the exercise, they have distracted themselves and are calmed down.

      “I like the detective work that’s involved with this.” said Frizzi.

 Frizzi works well with her other faculty members at SES and leaves a good impression on her co-workers. 

“She’s been proactive and is on top of things daily. She’s kind, patient, thorough, and a great asset to the SES community,” said kindergarten teacher, Jane Keeler.