Spring Concert Overview

Brief recap of the annual spring concert.


Glory Trelfa

The ever-popular jazz band performing at the spring concert.

As the auditorium filled with friends and family and the stage lights began beaming down on the stage, it was clear that the annual spring concert was underway.


The spring concert is an annual event filled with performances by the various performing arts groups including, Singers, Concert Band, Jazz Band, Jazz Choir, Mens Choir, and Women’s Choir. This year it was held on Thursday May 16 at about seven pm.


Usually, concerts are followed up by a review of each song the next day in class. This helps students hear how they performed and lets them critique themselves. However, this was not the case.


Susan Densmore – concert band, jazz band, and chorus director – had minimal comments and each one was positive.


“I thought it went quite well. The groups were solid, and the music was enjoyable,” said Densmore,“The singers were particularly strong in the concert – which was gratifying, considering they only rehearsed once all together! Same goes for the [concert] band. The jazz groups were as strong as they typically are.”


Sophomore Samantha Mariniello said that her women’s choir director, Robert Lathrop, was very supportive as well.


“He said we did an awesome job with each of our songs. He [Lathrop] was most proud of our ability to perform while using the water glasses in And In the Evening [by Audrey Snyder] to make a chord,” said Mariniello.


In this song, each girl held a wine glass filled about halfway with water. At certain points in the song, they would dip a finger in the water and rub it around the rim of the glass. This created a “singing” noise. The chords were created because each glass had a slightly different volume of water inside.


Concerts are comprised of multiple performances performed by the various arts groups of Triton. Not only were the performances top-notch, but the transitions between groups were executed nicely as well.


“They [transitions] were as smooth as we could make them. The people moving part is always just what it is!” said Densmore.


Overall, the performing arts students were very pleased with their performances. When looking back, junior Mackenzi Kimball couldn’t believe how good one of the concert band songs came out.

“Oh wow, that sounds really good!” said Kimball, “Wow, I wasn’t expecting some of those songs to sound good at all. They really came out good. Check it out online Triton Voice readers!”