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The Case for Wellness

We Revisit the First Annual Wellness Day

The statistics are in, and the Triton Voice now has exclusive information on the results of Wellness Day around the student body. We asked around the community, gathering opinions from various students, with Wellness Coordinator Matthew Jackling providing insight on the overall forum results from the participants.

“I had so much more fun than I expected. I want to see this type of thing again next year. I don’t care what it takes to get that. I’ll kiss the organizer on the face,” said Kai Wilson, junior at Triton, on his thoughts post-event.

The Triton Voice aimed to ask individuals for their opinions on the event, before and after. For those who attended, was it better or worse than expectations? For those who didn’t attend, did they feel that they missed out? Should Triton see another Wellness Day event in the future? Why should more students attend, if we were to repeat this course of action for years to come?

“I only went because my girlfriend was going. We matched our activities so that we could spend the day together. Art projects and stuff,” said James Bradshaw, junior at Triton. “It was actually fun. It wasn’t bad at all.”

There appeared to be a heavy influence for students, including Bradshaw. Having friends to attend Wellness Day alongside them was a determining factor for those who would have otherwise wished for a normal school day. But not everyone was convinced to come in.

“I don’t really think we needed this.” said  Eben Buxton, student at Triton.

Buxton had determined his day off long before the event began that morning. He, alongside plenty of other students, saw Wellness Day as an opportunity to stay home, with the ideology that there is no reason to come to school if there is no work to be done.

“They want us to come in and relax. Why would I come to school for that? As long as I don’t have any assignments, I’d rather stay home and relax on my own terms.” Buxton said  to his Wellness class.

Despite many students sharing this mindset, some claimed to have felt that they missed an opportunity after hearing the positive mentions from their friends who attended.

“I thought Wellness Day was amazing,” said student Layla Diaz.

       Following the event, survey emails were sent out by Jackling to collect a general consensus from the student body that attended. Questions such as ‘Which workshops should remain? Which workshops should be added? How often should Triton host Wellness Day events?’ were answered by hundreds who attended.

        The staff member and organizer of the event, Jackling, provided survey results to the Triton Voice, saying “these numbers are not the final say pm Wellness Day, but they do provide some insight into how the day went.”

        Of 85 student responses, 49.4% answered that their stress level, from a scale of 1-5, with 1 being little stress, and 5 being very stressed, averages around the value of 4 during the school day. However, 62.4% of students gave positive responses to the decreasing stress during Wellness Day, placing their input at a 1 out of 5 for their time spent in the provided workshops.

       Also,  91.8% of students answered in agreement that the day provided an opportunity to decrease any school-related stress, with 69.4% of students answering that they had been able to make connections with other students or teachers during their time spent in the provided workshops.

         Did you attend Wellness Day? If not, did any of the opinions from the student body change your mind for the following year?

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