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why volunteering is important

you can volunteer for almost anything you can think of and it always benefits you for the better.
Mackenzie Chaisson
volunteering can help people of all ages in many ways.

Volunteering is an important thing that not enough people do, providing well needed help to people in need, organizations, and charities. Many of these rely on the generosity of volunteers as they are usually only partly-funded through the government. 

In fact, many companies depend almost solely upon teams of volunteers to help them thrive and do their work” writes Calvin Holbook of, in his article, “Why is Volunteering important? Here are 7 benefits it offers” when talking about why volunteering is important and beneficial to do for your community and others. Volunteering can range from big to little things, from just volunteering at a local shelter to traveling the world, volunteering in countries and states.

Mental health issues are something many people experience and struggle with, especially nowadays. Although when you think about volunteering your first thought probably isn’t that it would help your mental health but it does, and the benefits are clear. 

You can volunteer in almost anything you can think of, one being animals. Working with animals has shown to improve moods and reduce stress and anxiety. 

Volunteering can keep you in regular contact with other people and can form a good support system for someone. “It can help counteract the effects of stress, depression and anxiety. Indeed, the social contact aspect of helping others can have a profound effect on your overall psychological well-being.” states

“If you’re feeling lonely, isolated, or simply want to widen your social circle, volunteering in your local community is an important and often fun way to meet new people.” Said Volunteering allows you to be connected to people throughout your community. 

You can easily make new friends and strengthen existing relationships by doing a shared activity together, and volunteering does just that. Not only can you spend more time with people you may not be around often, you also have the chance to meet new people who you normally don’t connect with.

Doing good for others and the community helps to create a natural sense of accomplishment. And working as a volunteer can also give you a sense of pride and identity, helping to boost your self-confidence…,” says Volunteering can make you feel better about yourself in many ways and hopefully give you a more positive view on your own life and future goals.

“Giving your time and energy to a cause without financial reward – may seem an impossible task. I mean, how can we fit anything else into our already jam-packed schedules?” Stated on the website 

A reason why many don’t volunteer, it takes up your own time and your own money in some cases. People may not be able to afford losing time in their already busy schedules.

Although volunteering takes up time, much like everything else in our lives, it doesn’t have to be a lot. Just by volunteering for a short amount of time or whatever you can give will help no matter what.

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Mackenzie Chaisson
Mackenzie Chaisson, staff writer
Hi! My name is Mackenzie Chaisson. I am a junior at Trition Regional High School. I am a cheerleader for Triton and enjoy it very much. l enjoy spending time with my sister, parents, and of course my dog. Something we do for fun is go boating all together. I like journalism because I get to write about important and interesting things and share that information with others! I want my writing to be beneficial and exciting for the person reading it. I think journalism is very important in our communities to be able to spread news and information about all topics imaginable. My goal in life is to go to college and go into a career that I really enjoy and can support me and my family in the future. I would like to be a veterinarian as of right now. I love all types of animals and enjoy being around them. You can reach me at [email protected]  

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