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Triton’s April Vacation Plans

What are the students of Triton doing over this upcoming vacation.
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Mr. Jared Ewell and Addison Ewell head out fishing in a kayak during a visit to the Florida Keys, a popular spring break vacation destination.

Students and teachers do all different things while on april vacation. Whether this is relaxing at home, or relaxing in front of a warm beach hours away.

Many triton students and teachers are going to tropical places, visiting colleges, or just staying home and relaxing or working.

The triton voice has interviewed  some of the many students that are going away, but also relaxing at home this vacation. What is the most popular place to travel and do over vacation among Triton? We are also going to be finding out some of the students dream vacation destinations.

“For vacation I will be going to Turks and Caicos with my family and my friend Mia,” says Molly Reilly, a sophomore at Triton. 

The beautiful beaches and nice weather are popular for tourists and is what is pulling her and her family there.

Addison Ewell, an 8th grader at triton is going on vacation to the Florida Keys with her family. She said, “I’ve gone to Florida for multiple April vacations and I love going there every chance I get.”

Although, with many people leaving the state for vacation, many are also staying home for their break, but arent wasting it away. 

A beloved substitute here at Triton, Nancy Reusch, tells us that she will be home during vacation, explaining that she’s going to sew prom dresses, many of which are for Triton students, wedding dresses and more. And she will of course “play with my dog.” Reusch states.

Some students are working like Ashley Sabino. She said that she definitely is going to work while on April Vacation, but not to take up time. “I’m going to work on vacation because I need money,” she stated.

Olivia Karvelis simply states she will be doing “nothing” during the vacation and will spend her time relaxing.

Some students such as  Taryn Lebreck are “… going to sleep in a little, maybe work a little.” 

Some people are staying home working or sleeping, some are going away, others are going on college tours!

Ava Kiricoples is a Junior who  is beginning her look for colleges she’s interested in. “I am touring the University of Tennessee, Clemson, and the University of South carolina.”

However, Kiricoples said  “My dream vacation is Bora Bora. I hope to go at some point in my life.”. Many want to go to tropical warm places like Ewell, and Reilly dreams of one day visiting Hawaii.

No matter what way the students and teachers are spending their time during vacation there is no wrong way. Whether it is relaxing at home and catching up on sleep, working, going on college tours, or relaxing on vacation it is well needed and deserved throughout the Triton community.


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