Experience Is Key

Having experience in various areas is always helpful, even when you’re a preschool teacher!

Mrs. Lebreck helping one of her preschool students with their classwork.

Kerry Lebreck

Mrs. Lebreck helping one of her preschool students with their classwork.

Mrs. Kerry Lebreck’s experience in early intervention is giving her a boost that she needs for this school year. 

This year is Mrs. Lebrecks first year as a preschool teacher in The Triton Regional District. Last year Lebrek worked as an instructional assistant but now she is all on her own as one of Salisbury Elementary School’s pre-k teachers.

 Mrs. Lebreck is one of the newest additions to the Salisbury Elementary School staff. She works as a teacher in the preschool and it’s her first year as a teacher in this position. While combined she has worked 19 years with students, 18 of those were spent as an early intervention teacher, and one year as an  instructional assistant. With Lebrecks expertise in early education and love for teaching, the way her teaching impacts children’s lives due to her background really shines through. 

After receiving her undergraduate degree from Salem State University and her masters degree at Cambridge College she started teaching right away. 

“I used to work for early intervention, a  special needs program for children from birth to three that needed help in speech or cognitive skills,” said Lebreck. 

Early intervention in Massachusetts is a system that not only builds support for the child but also the parents and caregivers, which enhances learning in small children.

According to the Mass gov. ¨ All Massachusetts DPH-certified Early Intervention programs incorporate into their practice the following core values: respect, individualization, family centeredness, community, team collaboration, and life – long learning.¨

These skills help Lebreck connect better with the children inside her preschool classroom. 

Lebreck continued her journey to Salisbury Elementary school as an instructional assistant under the instruction of Julie Deschenese. Over that year they spent together much knowledge and advice was passed down and shared. 

“(It was) Kind of fun, you get to share ideas and pass things along, and if I know the answer I can help them out,” said Deschenese in response to being asked if she likes mentoring for future and aspiring teachers. 

While Mrs. Lebreck is currently in her second year at Salisbury Elementary, one year of assisting, and in her first year of teaching preschool, people have great things to say. 

  “(She) really folded into the flock very nicely, ” said Ms.Kathryn Dawe, Salisbury Elementary School’s principal. 

Along with this Dawe continued to express what it takes for a teacher to be a good hire, and a valuable hire. 

“Have to definitely care about kids and put them first, they have to really be passionate about teaching those kids,  and I don’t want them to be a person that just does the minimum.” Dawe said. 

As many people grow up they realize what they want to do for the rest of their lives  and this is true of Lebreck.
            “I always knew I wanted to be a teacher,” said Lebreck. 

Lebreck’s love for teaching shines through when she states, “ I find it very rewarding and i love working with the children and seeing hem learn new things” 

Lebreck has high hopes for the rest of the year. 

I hope we have a good year and that everyone stays healthy and that we do a lot of learning while still having fun,“said Lebreck.