Are You Better Off Getting a Triton Breakfast Sandwich?

Students might be better off waiting until 3rd period to get their favorite breakfast meal. 


For many Triton students their daily breakfast is a breakfast sandwich. With Triton breakfast sandwiches continuing to grow in popularity from last year, is it now the best breakfast sandwich around?


Since last year, Triton has implanted the breakfast sandwich stations and it’s been a hit. It is important for this item to be easily accessible, affordable, and healthy for students so they have enough energy to learn and focus throughout the school day, and the lunch ladies make that happen. With the breakfast sandwiches almost selling out everyday, it seems every third period more and more people are getting breakfast sandwiches. 


The breakfast at Triton cost $2.00(Includes breakfast sandwich, milk,and fruit)this is much more affordable than a Dunk’s sandwich which costs $5.79 for bacon or sausage, egg, and cheese. Another popular place to get a breakfast sandwich is Abraham’s Bagels in Newburyport, where the sandwiches are $6.50. 


Most students have a lot of support for the Triton sandwiches.


 “[The]Triton breakfast sandwich is actually mucks,” said junior Jakob Rainsford. Rainsford shares the same opinion as a lot of Triton students, that the sandwich is a good morning snack. 

What many Triton students don’t know is how much healthier Triton breakfast sandwiches are. 

“Meals fit into the guidelines set by the state and federal regulations,” said Sharon Bolduc, the Head of Triton High School Cafeteria. The Triton breakfast sandwich is not only significantly cheaper than popular breakfast sandwiches from McDonalds or Dunkin, but it definitely a healthier option considering it has a lot less calories because it still has to follow the guidelines of all school foods. Triton breakfast sandwiches are 295-325 calories, this is much less than Dunkin’ 560-710 for a sandwich on a croissant. 

There is still a hand full of students who prefer their breakfast from establishments like Dunkin or Abe’s. These students may be spending three to six dollars a day on a breakfast sandwich. The Triton breakfast sandwich still comes out as the most affordable option.

Triton senior Andrew Maiuri, is a “Huge supporter” of Triton breakfast. Andrew regularly gets breakfast sandwiches from Triton and enjoys them, but he didn’t say it was the perfect breakfast.

“Sometimes the bread is too hard,” said Maiuri. “And I’m not really a fan of the one big hash brown.” 

Even though the breakfast sandwiches look to only be getting bigger there is still room for improvement. With that being said the breakfast sandwiches seem to be a student favorite and don’t seem to be leaving any time soon.