The Triton Voice’s Declaration Against Fake News


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Read the Triton Voice's Declaration Against Fake News and our stand on how news is made

We, The Triton Voice of Triton Regional High School, in order to create a more reliable news source and a stronger Triton community, do ordain and establish the Declaration Against Fake News.

All editorial Powers herein granted shall be vested in all Journalism classes, which shall consist of fellow Triton students, lead by Mr. James Allen.


Our Goals:

  1. Trustworthy and respectable news stories
  2. An unbiased approach to news
  3. Unequivocal student body representation in the news
  4. Entertaining, wholesome, and community building news
  5. Communication between the student body and administration
  6. Fast coverage on breaking news


How we will meet these goals:

  1. We will go the extra mile for strong sources
  2. We will get sources to represent each side to a story
  3. We will represent students in the news in a positive way
  4. We will make sure to get all parts of a story, to make it interesting for the reader
  5. We will interview both students and staff and make sure their details and facts line up
  6. As soon as the event happens, we will report it

The Triton Voice works diligently each week to provide the latest and most important news regarding Triton Regional High School. It is with great pride that we present our work without bias, and without embellishment, to gain honest readers, and a stronger Triton community.


Adapted from the Constitution of the United States, 1789.