The Voices Ebullient Exotic Experiment

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The Voices Ebullient Exotic Experiment

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A review on exotic fruit from the Triton Voice staff writers.



Summer is around the corner and many new and unusual fruits are in season. Triton voice reporters tried out a number of these fruits and, have created a review. The Triton G period journalism tried Pepino Melon, dragonfruit, Grapefruit, and a Papaya. This gathered eleven thoughts and opinions on which fruits were the best and, which fruits were the least popular.


“Yuck, I would only eat a Pepino Melon if I am stuck on an island with no other food.” Says Junior Kayla Perley. “It was not sweet, and the texture reminded me of a fish. The dragon fruit was better than the Pepino Melon even though the texture was like a soggy sesame bagel. The Grapefruit was very good, it was like an orange and, I would give this 8/10.The Papaya was okay, It tastes like baby food, not a big fan of it. My overall favorite was the grapefruit and my least favorite was the Pepino Melon.


While Kayla didn’t like the Pepino Melson, Glory Trelfa disagreed.


“The Pepino Melon kind of tasted like honeydew and, banana, it’s texture was like a cantaloupe and honeydew,” saoi9jid Trelfa. “It was my second favorite fruit even though the dragon fruit was my favorite, I wouldn’t buy this again only because I didn’t like the aftertaste. The dragon fruit was my favorite because it had a light tanginess and the seeds are earthly, the seeds gave it a slight crunch. The grapefruit had an overpowering orange flavor. The grapefruit was my least favorite, and I would never buy this again. The papaya was wet, and a slightly fruity mush. The texture was like a really soft pear”.


“The melon tastes like it is a watered down banana, the texture was similar to a banana. I would never buy this again. The dragon fruit tastes plain and, is soft except the seeds were a little crunchy. I would buy this but it’s just a little too plain,” said Makayla Sprague, “the grapefruit was sort of sour, the texture was similar to an orange. The grapefruit was my favorite and the Pepino melon was my least favorite.”


“The Pepino melon texture was way too mushy. The dragon fruit was also mushy but the taste was okay”, says Abbie Magee. “ The grapefruit was the best one, it had great flavor but, I am not a fan of the texture. My favorite was the Grapefruit and my least favorite was the Pepino melon.”

“The pepino melon was kind of sweet and slimy, I would never buy this again out of all four of the fruits I would rate this a three. The dragon fruit was soft, slimy, sand had seeds ,although it didn’t taste like much, it was my second favorite f of the four. I wouldn’t buy this again,” says Caitlyn White. ”The grapefruit was sweet and sour, I would buy this again and this was my favorite. The papaya was soft and didn’t taste like much. My favorite was the Grapefruit my least favorite was the papaya.”


“The Pepino Melon was subtly sweet, fresh, slimey like honeydew. The dragonfruit don’t taste like much but the seeds were earthly, it was crunchy, I would buy it ”, says Kaia Cohen.” The grapefruit was sweet and tart, it had a juicy texture, and I would buy it. The papaya was unique like grass, and I would buy this, it was soft and I would buy this. My favorite was the Grapefruit.”


Triton staff writer Karoline Jacobs shared her take on the fruit, “ The pepino melon tasted like a banana and also had a texture of a banana. The dragon fruit had a sweeter taste than the last one. It had a soft texture, easy to bite into. The grapefruit was very sour. I don’t know if I liked it or hate it. It had a soft texture.” In response to the papaya Jacobs said, “Nope. Baby food.”

Jacobs overall intake was that the grapefruit was the best and that she would buy it again.


Julia Boyle responded to the fruit by saying, “The melon texture was too squishy, there was not enough sweetness or flavor. The dragon was sweet but watery. The grapefruit was 10/10 and I would recommend grapefruit over oranges all day.” Boyle said “No thanks, tastes like socks,” to the papaya.


Junior Robert Maggiacomo says, “ The pepino Melon tastes like a very sweet banana, it was slimy, and slippery like a soggy apple. I would not buy this again. The dragon fruit was sweet but, i wasnt a fan of the black seeds. The texture was like a seedless fish. The Grapefruit was like an orange and, I would buy this again. The papaya is like a mashed apple, and I would not buy this again because I do not like the taste.”


Senior Lydia Crowley says, “the grapefruit was not sweet  and super seed and squishy, and did not have much taste. The grapefruit was sweet with a faint underlining tartness, it was super tasty.”


From tasting like socks, to grass, to fish, the Pepino Melon was voted the least favorite in the G period Journalism class. From tasting like sweet and, tangy orange like the Grapefruit was voted the favorite of the class.Well there you have it folks, you, have heard it first from Journalists in G period.