Juniors SAT Experience

Vincent Forni

E Period



The SAT’s is an important knowledge and skills test for writing, critical reading, and mathematics. It has been done for students since 1926, and Juniors have just recently taken it this past Saturday. For 2018 there was 2 million U.S. students who took the SAT exam. This year there has been quite a lot of students who have taken the SAT’s too, and they all had their own opinions on how they felt taken the test, and how the test was itself.


A vast majority of people said they didn’t like how long it was, they didn’t enjoy taking the test and having to stay in the room for about six hours. Junior Abbie Magee described the test taking as “awful.” When asked on why it was awful, she had this to say:


“Because you are trapped in a room for so long, and you can barely get any breaks… It was easy questions but they like, trick you,” said Magee.


Abbie wasn’t the only unhappy camper after the SAT’s. Keifer Callewart also dreaded the test taking.


“It sucked, I flipping hated it.” said Callewart.


But, there was some good news about the SAT’s, a greater amount of juniors said it was easy, or not too hard. Jacob Thissell’s opinion on the SATs represents the more popular opinion that was thrown round about the test.


“I did not think it was hard, it was, kinda exactly what I expected… It was literally like an MCAS.” said Thissell.


Well, whether the juniors had a good time or not taking the SAT, they all still survived . Majority of the juniors don’t think they did bad, just didn’t enjoy it, so everyone should be fine.