Track and Field: Off to the Races

Triton Varsity Track starting the season right


Lindsey Gardella representing Triton Varsity Girls Track

Triton has had a long history of a strong track and field program led by coach, Joseph Colbert. The spring season team has always pulled in the best athletes. This year is the same story, but with the middle school track program growing in numbers over the past few years, and several young promising athletes coming up from the middle school program, we are starting to see improvement at the high school level.

One hundred and ten students are competing with the team this year, sixty on the boys team, and fifty on the girls. Both teams put up great performances in their first few meets, and the boys won their first tri-meet two weeks ago while the girls team placed second.

“It’s really more a reflection on the middle school program, which has grown really huge in the past couple years” said Colbert.

“Our middle school program recently has been revitalized and become one of the strongest programs recently has been revitalized and become one of the strongest programs in the state, and this year we got a big influx of really talented underclassmen. We also got some upperclassman coming out for the spot for the first time, meaning we are at our highest numbers in a long time and are finally able to fill events effectively” said Fernandez.

The boys team has started off very strong going 5-1 and are currently undefeated in the Cape Ann League. The team is lead by Senior, Diego Fernandez who competes in several sprinting events, and has won every race so far this year.

“The track team has been doing really well so far, both boys and girls. We are really looking to do some big things this season. In previous years, we really had low numbers and a shortage especially of sprinters and jumpers” said Fernandez.

Another dominant athlete in his event is junior Josh Stevens, who throws the javelin. He has also won all the meets this year in his event. But it’s not just the stars of the team that are making it a success. New athletes switching from other sports have given the team a big boost.

“Everyone individually has been working hard to fit for the team’s needs, mainly thanks to coaches” said Stevens.

“There is a lot of new, good, young athletes. I mean Ethan Tremblay, coming over from the football team is definitely going to be a big help. Joe Delmonico, who has done track in the past, but is now coming back and is going to be a big help” said Colbert.

“We have been nasty and just rolling over teams. We have a lot of really hard working people on the team and all they want to do is win. The captains do a really good job keeping everyone motivated and keeping people accountable” said Tremblay.

“The track team is undefeated and everyone individually has been working hard to fit for the team’s needs, mainly thanks to coaches communicating and putting together workouts to improve physicality” said Delmonico.

The team has been looking forward to what the season has to bring, and hopes their success will continue with the growth of the program. With the help of Joseph Colbert and the rest of Triton’s track coaches, the team is looking good.