The Beach Pizza Battle : Cristy’s or Tripoli

A Review Determining the Best Beach Pizza


Makayla Sprague

Cristy’s and Tripoli’s have been beach pizza rivals at Salisbury Beach for a generation.

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When friends kick off their summer at the beach and lunch time comes around, there’s always a controversy whether Cristy’s or Tripolis is the place to go to get the best beach pizza.

Standing in line the beach breeze fills the air  with the fragrance of pizza that makes your mouth water. People stand in long lines for pizza and some will stand in the longest line to receive the pizza that they find to be the better of the two: Cristy’s or Tripolis.

The Triton Voice compared and contrasted the differences and similarities between both of the pizzas. Both pizzas are served with their tomato topping and cheese (other toppings are available). Biting into a Tripoli’s pizza, the mixture of sauce (that has the perfect sweetness) and melted cheese leaves you wanting for more. The main difference between these two pizza places is their sauce; for Tripolis, it is sweet and for Cristy’s, its peppery due to the italian herb flavoring.  When first biting into a piece of Cristy’s pizza you could just taste the burnt crust which made the whole pizza have a weird taste, although the cheese was really good, I would have to say that altogether if the pizza were not burnt it would have been better.

Tripoli’s pizza contains a crisp, thin crust layered with a tomato sauce and cheese. The pizza contains no preservatives, and the fresh pizza is found at all five locations. Cristy’s is fond of their Stanislaus tomatoes which they use to make their sauce; however, their sauce doesn’t quite get your taste buds flaring like Tripolis does. Cristy’s is usually once in a couple months thing, like if the Tripolis line is too long and you’re in a rush. Sometimes the sauce that Cristy’s use  that mouth watering. Now that I have had both Cristy’s and Tripoli’s, there are some big differences.

Overall, when in need of finding the perfect beach pizza that is just right and gets your taste buds watering, turn to Tripolis. Their sweet sauce will leave you wanting for more. While Cristy’s may leave the taste of their burnt crust wandering in your mouth while in search for water to wash it down.   ”

— Triton Voice

The  Triton Voice finds that Tripolis is the way to go. The sauce is sweet and the cheese topping combination just dissolves in your mouth and don’t forget about the crispy crust to bite into after breaking through the sauce and cheese toppings. Cristys on the other hand, tends to not have the sweet taste in its sauce that allows for your mouth to water for more. In addition, their crust is sometimes over cooked with a black crisp on the bottom.


   The chart down below represents the features of each of the pizza and gave it an marking out of 10.


Smell 9/10

It smelt really good, it gave me summer vibes, and it made me realize how much I missed the beach because everytime I went to the beach we would get Tripolis


Smelt good, reminded me of summer and that made really happy

Taste 10/10

The pizza was the perfect temperature. The combinations of the dough, sauce, and cheese came together so perfectly it was like heaven


It was okay, it was burnt, you could taste the flakes at the bottom that were bitter. Overall it was complimented great with the sauce

Texture 8/10 7/10
Appearance 10/10

It just looked amazing, it was cut into medium size squares, very convenient to eat. Everything looked amazing included the melted cheese


It looked gross, the cheese on top of the pizza looked really disgusting compared to Tripoli’s. It looked like they didn’t put much effort making it.

Total: 37 /40 30/40

  The total scores were really close and Tripoli won by 7 points. Cristy’s lacked some taste, texture, and appearance points. It was a good battle reviewing these pizza’s even though Tripoli’s was clearly the winner in this case. Tripolis meets the perfect beach pizza.