Tarantino’s Timeless Classic

The classic Pulp Fiction Poster

The classic Pulp Fiction Poster

You’re at home, sitting on the couch scrolling through your Netflix Recommended feed after a long day of work, when you stumble upon the recently re-added, Oscar Winning film, Pulp Fiction.

Pulp Fiction is the perfect representation of the cinematic genius of producer/filmmaker Quentin Tarantino. Every aspect of the film leaves the viewer with a sense of pride for having witnessed a master at work.

The film revolves around two buddy-buddy hit men (Vincent Vega and Jules WInnfield) who have a knack for profound and in-depth conversations. The pair set out to reclaim a briefcase that was stolen from their boss, Marcellus Wallace. The movie follows the actions and sequences that the hit men go through to get back the suitcase, that contains a mysterious glowing object.

The film, which takes place in a crime-ridden Los Angeles, was released in theaters in 1994. Despite its below-average budget of $8.5 million, the motion picture grossed over $100 million from the box office, making it the first ¨indie film¨ to break $100 million in profits.

This untouchable film from the prime of Tarantino’s career is without a doubt one of the greatest movies of all time. The movies iconic opening music, the theme song, “Misirlou,” by Dick Dale and His Del-Tones can never be unheard. The performances by Sam L. Jackson and John Travolta are flawless, as they are the perfect actors to represent the talkative hit men. Travolta would have won an Oscar that year for his performance as Vincent Vega had Tom Hanks not delivered a masterful performance in Philadelphia that same year. Viewers of the movie will also be pleasantly surprised to see Bruce Willis deliver one of his best performances around the prime of his career. Despite the fact that the movie contains scenes that are undoubtedly deemed by some as inappropriate, the use of violence, profanity, and real life issues only add to the excitement and thrill of the movie. It is nearly impossible to watch this film without sneaking a guilty laugh at the crude, yet humorous, events that play out on the screen in front of you. From the classic diner stickup scene in the beginning of the film, to the disturbing events involving Winston the Wolf, the entire movie is thrilling.

Regardless of the fact that the plot of the film is not anything outstanding or unheard of, Tarantino manages to throw in plot twists and unexpected turns that keep the viewer guessing, and the movie unpredictable. It’s timeless quotes and scenes, such as the infamous “El Royale With Cheese” only help solidify the film as one of, if not the greatest, movies of all time.

Every aspect of this movie is outstanding. In it, Tarantino demonstrates why he’s one of the all-time greatest directors. His impeccable ability in casting and screenplay are perfectly displayed in every scene of the movie. Though some may argue this was the peak of his career, it seems obvious that Tarantino is more than capable of producing an all-time great movie. Even after watching and re watching the film over and over again, I still struggle to find any flaw to deter from the movies excellence.