Do We Need Art In Our Lives?

Art and how it affects our society as a whole


Lydia Crowley photo

Senior Lydia Crowley puts finishing touches on an art project.

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Lydia: Hey what’s up everyone, this is Lydia Crowley Reporting for the Triton voice. Today we’re going to be talking about why art is important in the world we live in today. Art, you can just about find it anywhere, you can find it on the street, you can find it in a city, you can find it in a town, you can go to a museum or an exhibition or you can even see it in your school. Art is everywhere. It’s kind of hard to avoid it now a day because its become a lot more popularized and it’s growing.

Toni Fein: We need art in our lives to transport us, to translate the world around us,to express what it is that makes us human, and to help us think and go beyond what it is.

Lydia: Mrs Fein from the Triton arts department gave her explanation on why we need art in our lives in this day in age. After talking to Mrs. Fein I talked to another person involved in the art world, Elizabeth Eliot, she gave her opinion on how art impacts our society now a days and what positive effects there are.

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Elizabeth Eliot: I think art impacts our society in a positive way, it allows people to express themselves easier, it makes people more funkier, and it makes us different in a good way. It adds character to our society.

Lydia: With art being widely embraced now a days it gives people the freedom to express themselves however they like. The last person I managed to talk to was Grace poster. She gave her input on how there is a higher self awareness in creating artwork.

Grace Poster: I used to dance, I danced for like eight years and then I was like whatever and I stopped and I stopped doing swimming and I stopped doing all sports within like a couple years from when I stopped dancing and then I started doing track last year and I was like I don’t know where my body is or what it’s doing, like I couldn’t figure it out because I didn’t have the same training, like when you do art whether it’s dancing or painting or whatever, you know how to work your body and your mind and like the way you just would if you were doing academics and stuff.

Lydia: Grace talked about her self awareness in dance and how expressing herself through dance made her more self aware of herself compared to running and track. With more people caring about art nowadays it just goes to show that art is a mass importance to the society we live in today as a whole.