The Most Interesting Event in History

What some students think was the most interesting event to learn about in history.

The Roaring 1920s was the most-picked time period in American history that students enjoy studying.

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The Roaring 1920s was the most-picked time period in American history that students enjoy studying.

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Many students at Triton end up falling into two groups. One group finds history boring and is more interested in math. But even so, just because one is not interested in history as a whole does not necessarily mean that there aren’t certain events or eras that students find interesting or enjoy learning about. As is the case with Brendan Atherton and Michael Farago when they were asked what they thought was the most interesting event in history they had learned about.

“I think it was the Roaring Twenties because it was very interesting to see how the U.S. reacted to WWI.”, says Farago

“And it was like pre depression so it was like happy.” added Atherton.

The twenties were a time of great pleasure for most Americans. Many were enjoying a time of peace and irresponsibility. But the policies of the twenties was what led the twenties from a great boom to a bust.

But what does someone who’s already graduated Triton think? Triton grad Sarah Maggiacomo who is currently going to Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia said, “So one of the most interesting things I ever learned about in US history was an incident that happened in the 1920s. Where the US government poisoned alcohol that end up killing about 10,000 people. It took place during prohibition and some people want to drink alcohol so bad they resorted to drinking industrial alcohol which is the kind used to disinfect wounds and the U.S. government was so fed up with people stealing it that they just poisoned their own supply and people still drink it anyway and they got poisoned.”

Maggiacomo also seemed to have learned something about the 20’s that she found the most interesting that has stuck with her to this day. And it seems the 1920’s is a time students enjoy learning about very much for various reasons.