Sea Festival of Trees 2018

Triton Arts department fourth year participating in Sea Festival Of Trees


Lydia Crowley

Judging and awards are given at the evening ceremony (Crowley photo).

It’s dawning upon us, the time of the year where people are ecstatic over the holidays, racing to put up Christmas decorations and patiently waiting for snow to fall. This year in Mrs. Fein’s ceramics classes, students are creating ornaments and mugs for the Sea Festival Of Trees, located at the Blue Ocean Event center on

Salisbury Beach. The event is open to the public and starts on November 17th and goes til December 2nd. Admission is $7 per person and children 2 and under are free.

The Sea Festival of Trees has plenty to see including an abundance of decorated trees, stage performances, ice skating, visits with Santa Claus, and a giant gingerbread house. All of the decorated trees are decorated by local people, businesses, and organizations. The trees will be raffled, and all proceeds go to the Salisbury Beach Partnerships Fund to bring back the historic carousel.

Mrs. Feins ceramics classes over the past couple weeks have been creating mugs and ornaments, fitting to their picked theme of the tree which they are decorating, is “Cozy Cabin”. Students have been smoothing and shaping clay as well as imprinting pin

e needles into the clay for ornaments. They also have been putting glaze on the ceramic pieces with a thick green glaze, giving the appearance of actual pine needles. Lots of students were seen rolling out slabs of clay for their mugs and rolling it around cans to give the cylindrical shape of the mug.  “It was so fun making cute mugs that are useful and that someone can win in the raffle.” Kathryn Eaton a ceramics student enjoyed the process of making the mugs and ornaments for the tree for this year’s festival.

“I think it’s important for Triton to have a part in this local tradition that so many people visit every year.” Toni Fein, teacher in the arts department, who has been taking part in Sea Festival Of Trees for three years now and has won one award in the past for having a doctor seuss themed tree discusses her favorite parts about the festival. “I like having a presence there, but it is a lot of fun getting into the holiday spirit and having the students get excited about what to make for the tree.”

Lydia Crowley
Joe’s Playland Tree 

Arriving to set up the tree at the Blue Ocean event center in Salisbury, there were many trees to see and lots of people setting their themed tree up. It was no challenge for the ten Triton students to set up the “cozy cabin” themed tree. It didn’t take long for students to set up the tree and place the hand made mugs and hot chocolate that could be won to a person. Setting up in a quick amount of time gave the students the ability to look around to see a majority of the tree’s in the gallery.

“I loved walking around and seeing all of the trees.” Said Lauren Kwiatkowski one of the ceramic class students who participated in making mugs and ornaments for the tree. “My favorite tree was the joe’s playland tree, and I’m glad he won an award for his tree.”

The gala for the tree festival was on November 16th, and was the day where all the awards were handed out for the best trees’, as well as when all of the trees got turned on. Sadly Triton did not win an award this year for our cozy cabin themed tree.