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A Trip to Barbie Land

Record Breaking Movie
Carolyn Lucy
Triton students, Kendall Liebert, and Eloise Kirkpatrick

Winning the top global opening weekend, the highest-grossing film in the US, most successful global release, and many more awards, the Barbie movie was a hot topic, and I knew I had to see it. Driving down to Methuin, my best friend and I went and saw it a week after it was released, It blew my mind some show times were still sold out. Entering the air-conditioned movie theatre, in our pink, of course, I couldn’t have been more eager to watch it. Waiting in line to get our popcorn, with over 20 girls in pink expressing their excitement.  When the previews stopped, and the lights went dim, I couldn’t hold my excitement. Reclining our seats all the way back, getting ready for the next two hours. 

This movie brought a doll, we all grew up playing with, “Barbie” and brought it to life, to spread 100 different messages to everyone. It was empowering from start to finish. 

Crushing on Ken, since I was 5 playing with my own Barbies, he didn’t disappoint. Ryan Gosling, one of my favorite actors played such a comedic character. He earned so many well-deserved laughs with his famous scene “I’m just Ken” and his even more famous catchphrase “I’m Kenough”. Ken took his male dominance, while Barbie went into the real world, and changed Barbie’s land to his own. But Barbie wouldn’t let that happen, Margot Robbie, seemed to be the most fitting actress to play Barbie and was the definition of a female leader. She led all of her other Barbies, Sasha, and her mother and taught effortless lessons.

This movie was the perfect length, but after about two hours, I start loosing interest, luckily, this wasn’t over two. 

Never has a movie made me want to get up and start dancing until I heard these songs. Barbie World, written by Ice Spice, went number one in statistics. What Was I Made For? went viral everywhere, with a graceful, female-powering message. 

A quote from a Barbie in Barbie Land was “Women hate women, and men hate women, it’s the only thing we can agree on.” This quote has recently blown up on my TikTok for you page. When I heard it, it struck something and I realized that gender bias is never going to be addressed until women realize we don’t have to hate. 

Sasha, age 15, is played by Arianna Greenblatt. She played a teenager who had real negative thoughts on Barbie. Barbie “set our generation back 50 years” because of her fake roles and perfection, giving young girls false characteristics. Sasha spends time with Barbie throughout this movie, and it draws us audience into the roller coaster of Sasha’s relationship with Barbie. By the end of the movie, Sasha was 100% on Barbie’s side trying to get Barbie’s land back, which they did. 

This movie changed the way girls looked at things, the next week I was scrolling on TikTok, and saw so many videos with the hit song by Billie Eilish, “What Was I Made For?” with words saying girls are girls together, and we do not have to put each other down. The Barbie Movie changed so many perspectivies on the way we go through life, and so many messages were given. I learned girls need to stick together, and we don’t need men to help us, or take over. 

I would recommend this movie to anyone, of any gender, and any age. I would 100% give this movie a 5-star rating. 

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