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“Sunburn” by Dominic Fike:

A Journey Through Honesty and Versatility
Sunburn by Dominic Fike:



The year 2023 brought listeners all across the genre spectrum a plethora of new music, with artists spanning various musical cultures making their mark. Among the highly anticipated releases from the likes of Travis Scott and Lana Del Rey, Dominic Fike’s “Sunburn” emerged as a standout album. After delving into numerous projects, both from major industry artists and smaller artists, I firmly believe that “Sunburn” is the pinnacle of musical achievements in 2023, standing alone as the best album released all year.


Background and Evolution of Dominic Fike:


Dominic Fike first gained major traction in 2019 with the support of the popular boy band “BROCKHAMPTON” which released a music video on their YouTube channel for his single “3 Nights.” Following “3 Nights” success, Fike released “Don’t Forget About Me, Demos,” an EP which had a remarkable tracklist. Over the years, he cultivated a devoted following, releasing his debut album, “What Could Possibly Go Wrong?” in 2020. However, a period of silence from Fike left fans craving something new and substantial, something different than what fans had previously heard. This anticipation culminated in the revelation of Fike’s sophomore project, “Sunburn,” which resonated deeply with fans and is hailed months later as one of his most cohesive works.


Album Overview:


Released in the early summer months of 2023, “Sunburn” features fifteen distinctive tracks showcasing Fike’s musical evolution. Many fans were shocked when they noticed the opening track was a grail previously locked away in Fike’s musical archive. “How Much is Weed?” is the opener to this album, a track that was long awaited by fans, preceding the “What Could Possibly Go Wrong?” era of Fike. This is a great song to set the tone for an album that defies conventional rules. Notably, Fike’s hands-on approach to production adds an extra layer of impressiveness, as he took charge of most instrumentation.


Honesty Unleashed:


One of the album’s standout features is Fike’s unapologetic honesty, something very rarely seen on an album of this calibur. The raw emotion and openness displayed in tracks like “Ant Pile” and “Think Fast (feat. Weezer)” provide listeners with an intimate look into Fike’s mind and experiences as a young artist. These tracks go back to back on this album despite being entirely different moods. “Ant Pile,” a lead single for the album, has a beat centered around the electric guitar and is by far the most upbeat song on the album. “Think Fast” is very different, with a very slow melody and vocals that almost sound like a dream. The difference of these two songs adds depth and authenticity, showing that Fike may be happy at one moment and sad in the next.


Narrative Journey:


“Sunburn” unfolds as a narrative journey through Fike’s mind, exploring diverse themes from memories to relationships. Tracks like “Sick” delve into Fike’s past relationships, serving as effective transitions between different emotional moods. The album strategically places lead singles like “Dancing in the Courthouse,” “Mona Lisa,” and “Mama’s Boy” to create a dynamic listening experience, showcasing Fike’s genre-bending capabilities. These three singles are all entirely different songs at their core. The constant changing of moods makes this project feel like a walk through the mind of Fike over the course of many years. Immersing yourself into this album as it plays takes you step by step through Fike’s relationships, personal struggles, and many other things.


Emotional Arc:


The album’s emotional arc is evident in its structure, with the initial tracks reflecting on memories, followed by a section dedicated to reminiscing, and concluding on a darker note. Songs like “Pasture Child” and “What Kinda Woman” reveal a side of Fike previously unheard, providing a comprehensive exploration of his personal struggles and relationships over the years.




“Sunburn” proves to be an immersive masterpiece that surpasses expectations. Fike’s ability to seamlessly blend upbeat alt-rock, rap, and emotional pop songs demonstrates his versatility. The album’s release marked a significant milestone in Fike’s career, showcasing that talent prevails over influence. In the landscape of 2023’s music releases, “Sunburn” stands tall, surpassing major albums like “Utopia” or “Did You Know There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Boulevard?” Despite minor improvements in mixing on some tracks, the writing and lyrical prowess make it Fike’s best work and the unrivaled album of 2023, earning a solid 9.5/10.

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