Worst Valentines Day Gifts

The romance is dead and so are the flowers.

On Valentine’s day we mostly all expect the basics, love letters, flowers and chocolates but what about things we don’t expect and we don’t want?  Asking around  Triton,  multiple students and staff members said what would be the worst gifts to receive on Valentine’s day. 

 Most common answer coming in at number 1 is assorted chocolate, 2 is no shock but clothes, 3 something that was not expected  at all but flowers , 4 is a break up letter or call , and lastly the saddest one, 5, is nothing at all.  

    All the people in relationships must be so lucky to be spending valentines day with their significant other right? Wrong.The stress from picking out the perfect flowers must be really hard so might as well just get the dead ones. ¨The worst gift would be an empty box of chocolates¨ said Ms. Wotton.

After asking many people around the school what would be the worst thing to get on valentine’s day we have come up with the top 5 worst Valentine’s day gifts according to students and staff at Triton. Coming in at number 5 is not receiving anything at all, ¨not receiving a gift from someone you really wanted one from¨, said by Officer Tully, the school’s new temporary resource officer. The  4th worst gift to get would be a break up “Two Valentine’s days ago I got broken up with after buying them a box of chocolate. Lets just say it’s the worst day of the year now” said Ella Cadieux junior at Triton. At number 3 we have flowers. There were many mixed feelings about receiving flowers on Valentine’s Day.

¨The best gift would probably be a card or some flowers¨, said officer Tully. She thinks it would be a nice gesture. 

¨Flowers are stupid because they just die anyway¨ said Mr. Noble showing how some people feel the opposite about flowers. The second to worst gift that someone could receive on Valentine’s day is clothes. It’s something that everyone needs but doesn’t want to receive on the special day. 

¨I’m very picky about my clothes¨, said Mr. Ferron. He stated that he would much rather go on a trip somewhere than receive something he probably wouldn’t wear. Coming in as number one for the worst Valentine’s Day gift to receive is a box of assorted chocolates. Many people have a hatred for the terrible flavors that come in the box. ¨the box of chocolate where they got the mint and weird stuff like that¨, said Cam Neary, a junior at Triton.  

Now that the secrets are out, we all know what everyone at Triton thinks are the 5 worst Valentine’s day gifts. Hopefully you can avoid them for the next Valentine’s day, or not. 😆