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Sammie Mariniello
Hi, I’m Sammie Mariniello. I’m a 2021 Senior at Triton High School. I am as deep into the arts program as one can be. I am captain of the color guard, part of the theater program, and I am in all the choirs a girl can be in. Outside of school activities, I am also a competitive figure skater. When I am not practicing or performing, I work at the pub at Ould Newbury and hang out with friends. Although writing isn't my strong suit, talking is. I enjoy learning about people and listening to stories, and now I get to share them! Having a school newspaper is important because it shows the world inside of our school. It connects everyone and explains the community in a deeper way than anything else could. I will be going to college for at least 4 years, but as of right now I am undecided on what I want my major to be. At some point in my life though, I would like to sing as a solo performer or in a band professionally. I am a performer at heart. My favorite thing to do is a musical performance in any way; dance, sing, act, anything.

Feel free to contact me at [email protected]

Sammie Mariniello, Staff Writer

Nov 16, 2020
Covid’s New Pre K Class (Story)
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Sammie Mariniello