A Halloween hallway tradition

A deeper look into Halloween


vice principal Scott Brennan dressed as buzz lightyear (Ernst photo)

From cartoon characters to doctors and police officers and from basketball players to VSCO girls, the Triton senior class marched through the hallways of Triton for the annual Halloween parade.

Thursday, October 31st the Triton seniors filled the hallways dressed in their costumes. For most of the seniors, this was the last parade since elementary school that they will participate in at Triton. Many students planned costumes weeks prior to the day of the parade and had been excited to share one last class activity together.

 Senior Komal Patel had planned her costume weeks prior but had left her costume as an alien from Toy story at home.

“I found red lipstick and dressed up as a clown instead. But I felt sad when I left it at home, I was excited to dress up with a group of my friends,” said Patel.


Patel didn’t enjoy the parade as much as she thought she would. As an underclassmen, she looked up to the seniors and was excited for her time as a senior to come around to participate in the parade. 

“It wasn’t the hype, that I was promised last year,” said Patel.

In nearby Salem city’s history is known for Halloween and many students in our area may be familiar with the annual Halloween parade. The annual Salem Chamber Of Commerce Haunted Happenings Grand Parade is an annual event honoring the kick off to Halloween. The parade is much different than what we see in the hallways of Triton presented by our senior class. 

Here at Triton Senior Kerry Power decided to dress up as Jessie from Toy story with a group of her friends.

“A big group of my friends actually decided to do Toy story, it’s an easy thing to do with a big group of people,” said Power.

 Power explained she chose her costume because her group needed a Jessie character and a friend from the group switched costumes last minute.

Power did not enjoy participating in the Halloween parade.

“It was two seconds long, there was nobody in the hallways. There was no music playing and I spent forty dollars on my costume for an activity that was only two minutes,” said Power. Power explained she loved watching all the seniors in the parade as an underclassmen and in the past more effort was put in.

Junior Nora Marks is excited to participate in the parade next year.

“I’m excited to participate in the parade next year and iv’e always loved Halloween so getting involved especially with the school is something I really look forward to,” said Marks. 

“The senior class this year seems unenthusiastic as opposed to the other years, so next year I hope our class steps it up,” said Marks.


Sophomore Sage Woodward however was very enthusiastic about the Halloween parade.

“I thought it was amazing and I’m glad I didn’t miss it, and I loved everyone’s costumes,” said Woodward.

Woodward explains that she is definitely excited to participate in the parade as a senior.