Top Summer Meals

Summertime is the perfect opportunity to enjoy meals outdoors, and to go out with friends during mealtimes.

Triton students share what they deem the best summer food to be. Sophomore Jawzlyn Flanagan finds herself strictly sticking to the typical french fry snack. “My favorite summer food is definitely just some french fries with a lot of ketchup,” said Flanagan.

Junior Katie Blouin agrees with Flanagan about french fries being a summer food hit. Blouin shared, “Grilled cheese and fries are my go to. It just seems like a summer meal. It’s easy to sit on the beach and eat, and it reminds me of camping.”

Aside from meals containing fries, Senior Lindsey Gardella shares her favorite summer meal. “Beach pizza is a good one but it has to be Cristy’s. Also, it has to have some salt and pepper on there to add to the taste along with extra cheese.”

Junior Emily Debenedictis adds her opinion about the best summer meal simply being a burger.