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Komal Patel

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Triton Voice News Briefs



College scandles?   There is more than for dozen people that are charged of bribing collge admininstraitons that led to cheating scandles. Most of the people who have done this are people of higher class like, big stars. Some of the people who  have done this are Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin who are actresses. These people pay up to 6.5 billion to place their kids into big colleges like universities. William Rick was the person who helped these parents get their kids into Stanford,Yale, and other big colleges like these.


Zombie Deer- There are many states that dont allow hunters to take deers to be transported , where the deers have been tested positive for a disease called Chronic Wasting. This has started because hunters harvest a deer in one state, then they process it and, they finally throw it out locally. The carcess would get into the soil and then contaminate other animals.