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Kelley is shocked that she fell victim to these simple tricks

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My name is Alyssa Montisanti. I will be the host of today’s podcast on brain tricks. You may think you could outsmart simple tricks, however, while listening to the following podcast narrated by Madi Butler play along or try some of the simple tricks and see if you can figure them out or if you got tricked, too!

Today we will test your mind. We will test your intelligence with math and then read your mind. We will tell you what color animal, from a specific country that you are thinking of.

We will also play a game called black magic. It’s an interaction between two people with one person who can read the mind of the player or players. You need three or more people to play.

Another trick we will play is similar to the “What do you eat soup with”  joke from Drake and Josh, ours is known as the skill trick. We want to see if you are smart enough to answer our final question. Some of these tricks will be listening,  some are intellectually based, while others are visual, so follow along closely because you might be able to use these on your friends.

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TRANSCRIPT: Today my first trick will be to read your mind, we will start with a series of questions that you’ll answer in your head and eventually you will get a final product and then I’ll guess your product. Here’s how it works. Pick a number between one and ten now multiply that by nine, you have a two digit number add those two together, now subtract five. You have a number, assign that number a letter. A is one, B is two, C is 3, D is 4, and so on. Now take that letter and think of a country that starts with that letter. Now with the second letter of that country think of an animal. Now think of the color of the animal.


Madi: Is it a grey elephant from Denmark?

Franklin: I don’t like this.

Alyssa: And was your number four?

Franklin: Yeah.

Madi: trial 2: Is it a grey elephant from Denmark?

Caitlyn: Yeahhhh.

Madi: trial 3: Is it a grey elephant from Denmark?

Emma: Yeah, that’s gross ahah.

My second trick is called black magic. For this you will need at least three people. It starts with someone leaving the room, while they are out someone else will pick an object in the room that is visible then invite the person back in. Now the third person will point at objects around the room and person one will have to say yes or no to the object eventually they will guess the object.


Madi: Is it the desks?

Alyssa: No.

Madi: Is it the black crate?

Alyssa: No.

Madi: Is it the apple on the desk?

Alyssa: Yes.

Komal: Wait what… I’m so sketchin right now what the heck.

Emily: what the heck, that’s so weird.

Kaylyn: What the.

Madi: trial two: Is it the T.V?

Alyssa: No.

Madi: Is it the chair?

Alyssa: Yeah.

Cam: What the heck (laughing) What,  how does it happen?

Alyssa: It’s magic.

Cam: (laughs) Spooky.

My third and final trick is known as the silk trick. We have people say silk 20 times, then we ask them a question, and we see if they can answer the question right.

Lindsey: Silk….

Alyssa: what do cows drink?

Lindsey: Milk.

Madi: trial 2: What do cows drink?

Olivia: Milk.

Madi: trial 3: What do cows drink?

Caitlyn: Milk.

Madi: Nope cows drink water.

Because this trick works so often we asked or executive source Mrs. Karen Christian, explain to us why this works this way.

Mrs. Karen Christian: That exercise is very similar its repetitive, repetitive, repetitive, and that’s what your brain is remembering, and so that it’s very similar you’re just changing one word but it kinda rhymes and that’s where your brain goes. Cuz there’s a lot of them with different ones like that um are really interesting, but I think that it’s kind of along the same lines as of the more you repeat something, or do something the more it becomes a habit. So when you’re asked a question, and that is very similar that, that’s the response you get.


And that’s all for today’s podcast on brain tricks, thanks for listening.


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