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Rotary Rage

A criticism of the Newburyport Rotary

As you travel over the bridge heading into the rotary, machinery interrupts the cardinal road that directs you towards numerous locations. Dirt and rock have been destroyed for the primary function of “fixing” the dangers that the rotary harbors. Aggressive pavement markings limit road space forming additional lines. Drivers question the reliability of this traffic circle. 

The Newburyport rotary is a staple landmark serving to direct traffic. Bounded by two lanes the rotary has undergone minor, yet lengthy construction, limiting space within the area. Surrounded by food chains, retail plazas, and residential areas, the rotary remains a center circle for directing upcoming traffic. Connecting Newbury, a more communal town, and a coastal city, Newburyport, the rotary includes both drivers and pedestrians who are put in danger simply by accessing a confusing traffic circle.

Prior to the changes, the rotary remained a double lane with yields on two areas of oncoming drivers. Existing problems involved the Clipper CIty Rail trail, which put many citizens in danger due to the high speeds in which cars enter. 

The road conditions of the two lanes, over the train station,  are treacherous as they are filled with potholes. Beyond being in dire need of paving, it makes most logical sense to keep the lane setup throughout the circle.  However, since recent construction, more lines have been added which confuses the way of direction. Before adjustments, the rotary setup remained simple with two lanes adequate to the amount of space, without any buffer zones.

Once entering the Newburyport Turnpike bridge, the two lanes split into a wider area. Neighboured by the Dunkin Donuts and Domino’s plaza, is empty unusable space restricted by yellow pavement lines.. That specific area could, instead, be utilized for those who intend to pull off into the nearby convenient food stops, limiting the amount of cars in the circle at once.

Heading towards Salisbury, the rotary fades out into a single lane, creating a more chaotic merge. This is because many people aren’t comfortable or experienced enough to properly yield. Yet, it does become an issue near the intersection that would lead you toward the bridge that connects Newburyport to Salisbury. 

Pedestrians themselves are a separate issue as it’s unnecessarily dangerous for the Clipper City Rail Trail to intersect the traffic, putting both parties in danger. With multiple entry points of the rotary there are cars to worry about from all directions, each with yield signs. From personal experience, numerous collisions have almost occurred due to negligent people ignoring crucial road signs. Unfortunately, both tourists and locals are to blame for the newly updated rotary as some take advantage of its vacancy, yet there are other areas of entrance which lead to accidents. 

Before the new construction of the rotary, driving during rush hour or any heavy traffic time brings enough stress to a learning driver or even an elderly. It isn’t the hardest to get used to as a local, but makes sense that someone new to the area would be confused. Looking at the design plans for the rotary, you can see where someone would get confused. As you come north down Route 1, the two-lane highway splits into two lanes, one for staying to the right and going to businesses or roads to the right and the other lane is for staying in the rotary to either go onto Route 1 again or go to other businesses. With all the new additions to the road, improvement is still required to create the safest possible environment to direct travelers. 

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