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An Escape from the New England Winter Cold

The Adventures of Genna and Emily in West Palm Beach

For weeks we had been planning the flights, our outfits, the activities we would do and pretty much every detail of our week long West Palm Beach trip. Palm trees and a whole seven days of relaxation were in our near future. As each day passed, we grew more and more excited. 


The day after Christmas we checked the weather app for our destination for December 28th and saw that there would be rain and cloudy skies with a high of 68 degrees most days. This was definitely not ideal for our pale skin and eagerness to go swimming and lay out in the sun.


Emily and I looked down at our boarding passes and licenses in excitement as we headed toward gate C14. This long awaited vacation was about to be the best week ever and a refreshing break from the bitter New England cold. We had arrived late at night and went straight to my grandfather’s house where we were staying and then headed right to bed so that we would be well rested for the upcoming day. 


The next day was nice but definitely not the best of weather, it was 63-67 degrees with heavy winds and some sun here and there. We soaked up all of the sun we could get up at the pool and spent most of that first day napping to catch up on the sleep we missed the night before due to our late arrival. 


“This first day was the worst weather of the whole week, in fact it was pretty much the worst weather we ever get here all year,” said my grandfather when I later asked him to summarize what the weather is usually like down there.


We spent the following day in the light rain and clouds, mostly shopping and just hanging out. We drove up north a little to a flea market and looked around. We ended up purchasing a new hoodie and a couple of t-shirts, along with some accessories that were all very reasonably priced. After that we headed over to the outlet malls and went to lots of name brand stores that were having some crazy sales. We weren’t quite sure if these were just because it was right after the holidays or if things were always on sale here, but either way we were very pleased and impressed with the items on sale. 


“I was super shocked and happy with the amount of things I could get at these outlets, I literally spent almost all of my Christmas money but it was so worth it because I got lots of new stuff, way more than I would have gotten at a mall nearby,” said Emily. 


“The Monday that you guys were down here for was the best because the weather is a perfect medium, not too hot or too cold, especially for you two who love the sun.” my grandfather told us.


He was right, Emily and I spent New Year’s Day soaking in what was definitely the best weather day down there. We just laid out in the sun over at Singer Island which was only about a 20 minute drive from where we were staying. Palm trees swayed in the light breeze that was refreshing to feel as the warm sun beamed down on our faces. We walked the beach, swam around in the crystal clear water, collected countless shells and went out to a nice lunch all with the company of the warm sun shining down on us. 


We made sure to make the most of our time down there and every time we thought about complaining about the cooler breeze or cloudy skies we thought about the brisk winds and snowy weather we would be returning to. 


We did loads of shopping, swimming at the pool and the ocean and ate tons of good food while in the best company. We had a week full of good times and unforgettable memories and we hope to go back down for another visit soon.

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