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Chicken Fight

Where do the Top Brands and Local Favorites Fall Against School and Homemade Competition?
Triton Voice Reporter Tyler Brosch became a chef, taste-tester, and chicken sandwich aficionado in his latest article.
Brosch/Somaiy image
Triton Voice Reporter Tyler Brosch became a chef, taste-tester, and chicken sandwich aficionado in his latest article.

The chicken sandwich is a classic cornerstone of fast food menus across the globe. And the hype around eateries such as Chick-fil-A, Canes, and Shake Shack has only upped the ante. But what about our school lunch choices? And could we do better with homemade? The Triton Voice decided to taste and rank chicken sandwiches beloved throughout the Triton High, considering visual appeal, taste, price, and that “X-factor.”

McDonald’s “Deluxe McCrispy” $6.29 (meal: $10.99)

McDonald’s, debatably the biggest name in the fast food industry, is often ridiculed for the quality of their food. The Deluxe McCrispy surpassed the expectations we had for it, with a delicious sauce. The aroma of the sauce was unique, and the taste stood out on the first bite of the sandwich. But as surprising as it was, it was still a McDonald’s sandwich. It wasn’t crispy at all, and the texture of the chicken was average at best. But this still surprised us because we expected an oversized chicken nugget on a bun. One of the cheaper options on this list, the price point of $6.29 is pretty good for the sandwich. Additionally, with the many rewards on the McDonald’s app, the sandwich can frequently drop in price. (although usually with the purchase of other items)  Taste: 4/10  Price: 8/10  Overall:5/10

Wendy’s “Classic Chicken Sandwich” $6.89 

Wendy’s is another widely popular fast food chain not necessarily praised for just the quality of its food. But once again, it broke the meager expectations set for it. The chicken patty was very good though it was flatter and wider. However it lacked a special sauce, and the sandwich was still fast food quality. The chicken was very basic, and although pretty crispy, it did not make up for the blandness of the chicken and the overall sandwich. The price is very similar to McDonald’s, and like McDonald’s the app gives deals to save money. We used this deal to get 2 of these chicken sandwiches for the price of one. Taste: 3/10  Price 8/10  Overall: 4.5/10 

Lily P’s “Nashville Hot” $14 (meal)

Next, we headed on a little trip to Lily P’s in Boston. The Nashville Hot Sandwich packed a punch with its spicy flavor. The heat of the sandwich could be described as a lightning strike landing straight on your mouth. The initial bite of the sandwich stood out to us due to its unique and surprising spice. However, the high price of $14 for a single meal made it less attractive and way more expensive compared to other options.  Taste: 8/10 Price: 4/10  Overall: 7.5/10

Shake Shack’s “Chicken Shack” $8.29

Shake Shack had everything a chicken sandwich needed. The chicken was crispy, and the lettuce and tomato were there to complement the chicken perfectly. However, it did not have any sauce. It is a very comforting sandwich. However, the price is higher. Not able to be purchased in a meal, the sandwich itself is set higher than most, but if willing to pay the price, an enjoyable time is waiting. Taste: 6.5/10  Price: 4/10  Overall: 6/10 

Raising Cane’s “The Sandwich combo” $11.79 (meal)

Recently opening a place in Methuen, Raising Cane’s has been given high praise on social media. However when traveling to the location, to try it for ourselves these expectations were not met. Expecting more from a place that specialized in chicken, the chicken itself was unseasoned and painfully average. The famous “Cane’s sauce” was not as good as many were led to believe. It tasted like an overrated salad dressing, and in our opinion, almost took away from the chicken. The price point is high, and the sandwich cannot be purchased without the meal. Although it did not meet the lofty expectations set upon it, the chicken was still decent and still an enjoyable meal.  Taste 5.5/10   Price 3/10  Overall: 5/10

Triton High School Cafeteria’s “Chicken Sandwich” Free with lunch number

The cafe’s chicken sandwich, being free with a lunch number, gives a budget-friendly option for students. The texture and feel of the school sandwich provide a very “unique” feeling. Taking your first bite into a school sandwich is like chewing on a box that just got delivered by EBAY. While it lacks the fine dining appeal and other flavors, it gives a simple choice for students looking for a quick bite. Taste: 1/10 Price: 10/10 Overall; 3/10

Tyler Brosch’s “Homemade Chicken Sandwich” expected price per sandwich $4.25

Lucky for us, Staff Writer Tyler Brosch was able to give us a taste of his homemade chicken sandwich. Complete with lettuce, a tomato slice, pickles, and a special sauce with the perfect amount of subtle spice. The chicken patty was perfectly crispy, and the chicken itself was juicy and addicting. After 2 whole sandwiches, the taste of the chicken still left us craving more. However, this sandwich is inconvenient to make, because it requires buying the ingredients and crafting it yourself. The actual price of the ingredients is in total less than most sandwiches on this list to make one single sandwich.   Taste:10/10  Price: 9/10


  1. Tyler Brosch’s “Homemade Chicken Sandwich”
  2. Lily P’s “Nashville Hot” 
  3. Shake Shack’s “Chicken Shack”
  4. Raising Cane’s “The Sandwich combo”
  5. McDonald’s “Deluxe McCrispy”
  6. Wendy’s “Classic Chicken Sandwich”
  7. Triton High School Cafeteria’s “Chicken Patty Sandwich” 

Here are some other favorite chicken sandwich places of the students and staff here at the high school: Clark American Bistro, Chick-fil-a, Dave’s Hot, Pollo Campero, Pop-eyes, Chicken in the pig, Flip the bird, Subway, Pomodoro, Rusty Can, The Common Man, Burger King, The Grog. 

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