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Chicken at Home

Homemade Chicken Sandy Gives the Big Boys some Competition
Triton Voice Reporter Tyler Brosch takes his time with a savory homemade chicken sandwich (and with a compound fracture, no less).
Brian Clark
Triton Voice Reporter Tyler Brosch takes his time with a savory homemade chicken sandwich (and with a compound fracture, no less).

With so many variations of the beloved chicken sandwich being served in America, almost everyone has their personal favorite. But could your real favorite be right in your kitchen? 

Fast food is as popular as ever in America today, and there are many competitors in the industry, battling to be the first choice of customers. With the chicken sandwich being one of the most popular menu items among competing fast food chains, there are definitely many options to choose from. But could a homemade chicken sandwich possibly compete with the big names in this industry? Allie Roomberg, a former pastry chef and blogger, certainly thinks so as she boasts a homemade chicken sandwich recipe that “beats anything from a fast food joint”. To put it to the test, Brian Clark, a journalist at Triton who has recently reviewed a large number of popular chicken sandwiches in the area for his latest article, has helped review and compare this homemade treat to find out if the newest fast food competitor can be made in the comfort of your own home. 

Among the many sandwiches Clark reviewed which include chicken sandwiches from McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Raising Cane’s, and more, the highest rated on taste alone was the “Nashville Hot” sandwich meal from Lily P’s in Boston.

“The signature Nashville Hot sauce made the Lily P’s sandwich stand out from the rest,” said Clark , but he also noted that the high price of $14 for the meal made it much less desirable.

As for the price of the homemade sandwich, the majority of the recipes involved common ingredients that you may find lying around your kitchen. Some of the spices used were paprika, onion powder, all-purpose flour, salt, pepper, and thyme. The batter consisted of salt, garlic powder, sparkling water, all-purpose flour, and eggs. However some ingredients needed to complete this recipe may not be found around the kitchen. Ingredients like chicken breast, brioche buns, and other not-so-common ingredients were taken into consideration to estimate the price of one homemade chicken sandwich in comparison to the “Nashville Hot” sandwich of Lily P’s and of course the many other competitors.

In terms of convenience, most alternatives to the homemade chicken sandwich won in the category by a landslide. Although you may be surprised by how quickly the cooking process can be when prepared, you may also find yourself questioning your decision when faced with a large pot of oil, sizzling menacingly in the middle of your kitchen. At this point, it was looking tough for the homemade sandwich to compete with the convenience of its fast-food competitors, so when all the cooking was done, it was time for Clark ‘s review and comparisons, which of course started with taste. And right off the bat, it was a hit.

“This is better than any of the chicken sandwiches I’ve reviewed,” Clark said as he went in for a second bite. And with the homemade chicken sandwich being healthier than the majority of its fast food competitors, it’s safe to say it won in the flavor category, so if you wonder if your favorite restaurant’s chicken sandwich can be recreated in your own kitchen, the answer might be yes.

When asked to give a more in-depth comparison, taking into consideration price, convenience, and quality, Clark had some key points to say.

“The homemade sandwich is definitely worth a shot,” he said, elaborating on the fact that people won’t know if they can recreate their favorite meals at home unless they try. As for price, the total cost of the ingredients to cook the sandwich at home was more than the high price of Lily P’s, but with those ingredients, not just one, but four full chicken sandwiches were able to be made, and when taking that into consideration, a singular homemade sandwich was found to be less costly than the “Nashville Hot” sandwich meal of Lily P’s.

The final comparison made was the quality. Clark emphasized that there was a noticeable difference in the quality of ingredients between the homemade sandwich and the others he had reviewed.

“The quality of the homemade chicken sandwich is worth giving up the convenience of fast food,” said Clark . But Clark also added the point that there will always be times when you don’t have the time to cook, and the convenience of fast food will outweigh the pros of the home-cooked sandwich.

When all is said and done, the homemade chicken sandwich was a success and proved to be a solid alternative to even the most popular chicken sandwiches in the area. 

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