WORST First Dates

First dates can be bad, but are teenagers going on traditional dates anymore in 2023?

Couple sitting at a resturant, picture edited on adobe.

Couple sitting at a resturant, picture edited on adobe.

First dates are nerve racking. In many situations people can be anxious and many end up being awkward but going on a date somewhere that may not meet the expectations of a good first date environment could make the date turn for the worse. Bad dates happen. It’s a part of life, but can you set yourself up for failure before even going on the date? Dating in 2023 is significantly different from past years that have come and gone but yet there are many ways that dates could go incredibly bad just by picking where you are going on your first dates. 

People need to get to know each other as well as feeling pretty comfortable given the circumstances and going to places like the movies, fancy restaurants, ect. Can make a first date very unsuccessful, Many teens revert to more of a drive around and listen to music type of hangout rather than the traditional date. People should read this if they want to know what they are doing wrong or what they could do to be better as well as learning about dating culture in 2023 and some bad dates in general. 

Many people find restaurant dates to be unappealing as well as many are in their own heads about what type of food they are ordering as well as the small talk. 

¨Personally, at a restaurant, because it would be really awkward, and you’re sitting across from them and it would be awkward with all the small talk,¨ said Emma Coco, Triton Junior. 

Yet another unpopular destination for dates is the movies. While in many situations the movies can be seen as a romantic setting, seen in many movies where the guy puts his arm around the girl, this is nothing like real life at all. Going to theaters, it is supposed to be silent while watching the movie, cutting out all talking and taking the attention away from the person that you are on a date with. 

¨Going to the movie theater for a first date is such a bad idea, you aren’t able to talk to the person on the date with and you can’t get to know them at all,¨ said Alanna Sparks, Triton Junior.
Many also find that going to peoples houses on the first date can be another uncomfortable setting for first dates. Not being in a public setting on a first date can make some uncomfortable, especially if your parents are there. Meeting the parents on the first date is a huge step and can be extremely stressful as well as intimidating for many, since they want to be liked. 

¨One time I went to this guy’s house on our first date, and it was one of the most uncomfortable experiences in my life. I had to meet his parents and his siblings and it was a lot to take in all at once,¨ said Katie Skafidas Amesbury Junior. 

Many teenagers in 2023 prefer to not do as many ¨traditional¨ dates when they are going on first dates. They would rather hang out and watch some netflix, drive around, or grab something to eat at a fast food chain. It seems that eventually if the pair does get together to the official dating level they will go on more ¨traditional¨ dates like the movies, restaurants, ice skating ect. 

¨I would much rather drive around when I am getting to know a girl rather than doing anything else,¨ said Parker Pierre, Bishop Fenwick Junior. 

While going on dates can be an exciting yet sometimes nerve racking experience, making sure that the place you do go to is a comfortable and enjoyable experience for both of you is an important factor.