Did Crumbl Corrupt or Captivate?

We reviewed this past week’s Crumbl Cookie flavors to see which cookies reigned supreme.

Emma Campbell and Haleigh Harris tried all of Crumbliest Cookies weekly flavors.
Emma Campbell and Haleigh Harris tried all of Crumbliest Cookies weekly flavors.

We opened the tall, glass door to be engulfed by the smell of freshly baked cookies. We walked up to the self-order screen, and chose Gingerbread Cake, Sugar ft. Mother’s Reindeer Games, Eggnog, and Chocolate ft. York. The chef called out our name and presented us with our cookies. We opened the door to be hit by a crisp wind, and worked our way through the parking lot, ready to enjoy. 

Opening the box, we see four beautifully decorated cookies, each vastly different.

We are going to rate the cookies based on the following: presentation, frosting, the cookie itself, and temperature.

Crumbl Cookie is a new, fast growing cookie store that originated in Logan, Utah in 2017. The special thing about Crumbl Cookie is that every cookie is only available for a limited amount of time: one week. Each week, the cookie masterminds choose 3-4 gourmet cookies to release to the public. Some are brand new, and some have been done in previous weeks. Crumbl follows a weeklymtheme, like candy or dessert. This week was holiday-themed. 

Gingerbread Cake

Haleigh: The first cookie we tried was ‘Gingerbread Cake’. The color was a nice caramel, with a bright white frosting. The gingerbread sprinkles topping it were slightly cheesy, but still cute. At first bite, you could tell it was something along the lines of a cream cheese frosting. It had a mild but noticeable bite to it, one that almost made me dislike the cookie. But as the frosting worked its way around our mouths, it became sweeter, quickly redeeming itself. The gingerbread taste of the cookie was pretty spot on. Not only do we get the smell of the aromatics that are in a gingerbread cake, you get that classic, holiday taste. That being said, the only noticeable negative lies at the base of the cookie. There was a rather unappetizing “crust” around the edge. In the middle, you have this decadently warm and soft cookie, quickly to be ruined by an awkward, unintentional crust. This cookie was served warm. In my opinion, Crumbl’s warm cookies are always better than their cold cookies. It resembles a homemade gingerbread cake. The cookie was also very large, definitely too big to eat in one serving. I would give this cookie a 7/10.

Emma: The ‘Gingerbread Cake’ cookie was surprisingly delicious, coming from someone who doesn’t love gingerbread. The texture of the cookie included unpleasantly crunchy edges, and the frosting was far too sweet for my liking. But overall, it was visually pleasing. There was a swirl of frosting and mini gingerbread sprinkles, which I thought was a very cute touch. The cookie was the perfect medium brown tone, like a real gingerbread man. Personally, I would rate this cookie a 7/10 (ten being the best, zero being the worst.)

Sugar ft. Mother’s Reindeer Games

Haleigh: The second cookie on our list was the Sugar ft. Mother’s Reindeer Games. At first glance, the frosting looked quite runny. The cookie was cutely decorated, though. It had rainbow sprinkles speckled throughout, topped with frosting, more sprinkles, and a little candy reindeer. I realized never to judge a book by it’s cover, though, as the frosting paired perfectly with the cookie. The taste this cookie has was unmatched, though. The cookie was the perfect sugar cookie base. It was soft and light, but lacked a lot of sweetness (not a bad thing.) This, however, was compensated with the sweet, smooth frosting. I did notice a similar crust in this cookie as I did in the Gingerbread Cake. This crust was much more bearable, as it was less noticeable. It was also served warm. In the past, Crumbl has served sugar cookies cold, and I always find that they are far too sweet to be enjoyed. The decision to serve this cookie warm was definitely the right decision, yet again. I would give this cookie a 9/10.

Emma: In the visual aspect of things, I thought that the cookie was very charming. The Crumbl Cookie decorators really went all out for this cookie. They added sprinkles inside of the cookie batter making the sugar cookie itself have red and green accents which I loved. In addition, they added some white icing, more red and green sprinkles, plus an adorable little reindeer cookie on top. Honestly, I was quite nervous that this cookie would be too much for my taste buds. I love sweets, but I was worried that there were too many sprinkles. Although it looked good, it might not taste as good. To my surprise, this cookie quickly became my second favorite with just one bite. The sweet, chewy taste filled my mouth. I had the same problem with this cookie as the first. The middle of the cookie was soft and chewy (how I like it) but the edges were a little too crunchy for my liking. I would rate this cookie an 8/10.


Haleigh: Our third cookie was Eggnog. This cookie was very large, and a sugar cookie color. It has lots of thick frosting with specs of cinnamon throughout. The frosting was incredibly sweet, too sweet for my liking. It quite literally felt as if my mouth was swimming in sugar. The base of the cookie was not very sweet. When combined with the frosting, the cookie was spot on to the classic eggnog taste. If I didn’t know better, I would think that it was frozen eggnog. This cookie would be better in moderation, much like eggnog itself. As I said previously, the cold cookies at Crumbl always taste too sweet, which is exactly what I saw here. It was cold, dense, and so sweet it will make the hairs on your arms stand up straight. I will give credit where credit is due, the taste was spot on. I think it would give it a 4/10.

Emma: The Eggnog cookie was a surprise to my taste buds. Going into this, we knew that the flavor was eggnog, but we were not expecting it to taste identical to the classic eggnog drink. The cookie was topped with cold eggnog frosting and sprinkled cinnamon on top. Personally, I like drinking eggnog in moderation, but I don’t love “eating eggnog” and that was exactly the experience we were getting. It was the best texture-wise so far, as the edge of the cookie was not too crunchy. It was soft and chewy throughout. I’m a fan of cold frosting, so this was def. However, this cookie just didn’t do it for me but I have to admit I am biased because eggnog is not my favorite. So if you’re an eggnog lover then you may thoroughly enjoy this cookie. I would rate this cookie a 3/10. 

Chocolate ft. York

Haleigh: The final cookie: Chocolate ft. York. Do not listen to what Emma says; This was not a good cookie. Presentation-wise, it was beautiful. It was a deep brown with a brown glaze frosting and a York patty to top it. When we broke the cookie in half (which took a concerning amount of force for a cookie that we would later be trying to chew and digest) there was a white center, much like the York candy itself. The frosting was hard to taste and really didn’t serve much purpose. The cookie itself was too minty and overpowering. I could hardly swallow it. It replicated the feeling of drinking water after chewing mint gum: not pleasant. And, to add salt to an open wound, this was served cold. I would give it a 1/10. 

Emma: The York cookie was out of this world! Haleigh has no taste buds.This cookie was everything you would imagine it to be and more. With a chocolate base, mint chocolate center and chocolate ganache on top this cookie was a chocolate masterpiece. It was presented nicely and topped with mini york chocolates. The taste was immaculate and created a delicious combination. The mint in the middle was the best touch with the chocolate cookie. Overall I have absolutely no complaints about this cookie and I would buy it over and over again, I hope they have it again in the future. I would rate this a 10/10, we definitely saved the best for last.

After trying all of the cookies, we think that this week was a 3 out of 5 stars. It was middle of the road, mediocre at best. Only one of these cookies stood out as being amazing for each of us. For Haleigh, it was the Sugar ft. Mother’s Reindeer Games. For Emma, it was Chocolate ft. York. Crumbl, you have had better weeks, where all of your cookies were outstanding. You  have also had weeks where most of your cookies were bad (a Sour Patch Kid cookie – really?).

Don’t waste your money to hike down to Methuen. Wait till next week, when we can only hope for better cookies.