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Pietro Lees

Pietro Lees, Staff Writer

Hi! My name is Pietro Lees, and I’m in my Senior year of Triton High School. I have seen 17 summers at the time of writing this, and I’m looking forward to this year. I enjoy doing various outside activities, like swimming, long boarding, biking, and rock climbing. Inside activities, I enjoy watching TV/movies, caring for my various animals, playing video games, designing and making costumes, tech repair, and lifting weights. As for inside of school, I’m good with gym, studies, and occasionally learning. I enjoy showing light on various topics, sometimes controversial topics, most times fairly public knowledge though. I really enjoy writing creatively, as in writing stories. I also enjoy making ‘show and tell yourself’ like this. My general goals for this class is to get better with recording and interviewing strangers. I believe reporting is important for the community because it helps to shed light on various problems and issues in the community. I’d like to have a career that allows me to express my creativity and ideas, but more often than not one cannot really make a living doing that. My best bet is to probably just accept that I’ll have to have an adulty adult job and then just have a few hobbies off to the side. So this is where I’m allowed to go out of the ordinary and put within reason stuff, so feel free not to read this because it’s probably for a select audience. I really enjoy the concept of body modification, the art and science of it. This means that tattoos, piercings, dyes, will all be a factor in my adult life! If you feel the same way, or are interested in this feel free to contact me via any of the links that I’ve included in the contact information. That’s pretty much it.

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Pietro Lees