Veterans Day

The importance of remembrance for those who selflessly served


Second Left Adam Bohlen(father) Taken by DCMA staff team

For one day a year the service of our veterans is publicly recognized and acknowledged.  The sacrifices that they made commemorated as a day on the calendar.  However the Triton community has a variety of opinions on the holiday.   

“I don’t think people say thank you enough” said Ms. Galante.

Many staff and students at Triton believe that thanking veterans shouldn’t be confined to a single day but should be year round occurrence.  Veterans day has become in some way a political tool which ultimately hurts those veterans.  Student Owen Brosch summed it up very well. 

“Because even if we all disagree we are all American and honoring those who served is something very sacred” said Brosch.

This attitude and acknowledgment of those who have sacrificed is something that needs to be more common among those in our community.  People who have served are people that should be treated well after they come home.  A very common issue is that those who have served come home and find it very difficult to readjust.  Many people believe that we don’t do enough for those who have served us.  

“It’s meaningful to me my uncle was in the Marines. It’s important to honor those who served but also to make sure they are able to adjust and live normal lives when they get back” said Lothrop. 

Communities in the Triton district have been quick to show their support.  In each town there was a small demonstration of appreciation.  Bundles of flags pressed into the ground in front or around public areas.  As well as signage and small groups of people showing their support.  Another common sight was a small lawn flag or small window displays.  The conversation has come up that perhaps in school we need to be more attentive when it comes to the actions that students are making.  For example many students and teachers find it strange that students talk during the moment of silence but aren’t sure how to enforce anything.  

“We don’t teach civics and students don’t understand the importance or what it means to be an American” said Ms. Galante.

Ultimately veterans day is a holiday that should be bringing Americans together in order to celebrate those extraordinary people who have served for those of us back home so we can enjoy the things and freedoms we have. 

“We should all value America at its best,” said Brosch.