Social Media Encouraging Destructive Behavior

Social media has played a role in the recent uptick in violent school behaviors and staff have a lot of opinions


Stone Butler photo

Triton student Derek Cotter throws away an item that had been torn down from a classroom by a student

Theft and violence have disturbingly become a far more common sight within the walls of school’s across the country.  Starting in September a trend known as the “devious lick challenge” began to pop up on the popular social media app TikTok.  The trend consisted of pulling a stolen item out of a backpack showing what you had stolen from the school.  

Originally the trend was seen as funny and a little bit edgy.  However concerns began to grow especially for  parents when people began stealing things that provided safety.  For example people had shown themselves stealing security cameras, fire alarms, along with other things that could be seen as safety equipment. 

“Yeah, seeing the trend on social media makes it seem harmless,” said.

Dr. Adam Lothrops is one of the teachers at Triton High School who has been able to build a lot of personal connections with students.  This means that he has a unique insight to these issues and knows what’s going on.

“It’s never cool to vandalize or steal people’s property or to stand by while it happens”, said Dr. Lothrop. 

But he is not the only Teacher who has opinions on these issues.  Assistant principal Scott Brennan gave a speech to the freshman and senior classes during an assembly last week.  

“I understand that these last two years have been hard, but come on, can we have some morals please”, said Brennan. 

The combination of the Covid-19 learning of last year and the reintroduction of in class learning this year has resulted in a noticeable amount of confrontation and disciplinary issues.  This year we have already had more issues involving behavior than we did in the entire previous school year. 

Ending the speech Brennan said “hey can we finish out this school year on top, let’s not be afraid to be great”