Triton Adds New Internship Program For 2022 Spring

New Triton Pilot Gives Students a Glimpse into the Real World

For years, young Triton students have agonized over the lack of real-world opportunities presented to them. It wasn’t until early in October that a committee of Triton teachers made their day with a special announcement.

Recently, Triton High School officially announced the Triton Internship Pilot, a program where 20 Triton students can intern at a company of their choice. For years, students have been asking for an internship program at Triton, and now their dreams can come true. 

“The Internship Pilot allows students to work at local businesses out in the community for a career they might be interested in,” says Ms. Toni MacDonald-Fein, a member of the teacher committee that organized the program, “There’s a lot of real life experience.”

Starting in March, applications will be reviewed for those wanting to participate in the internship pilot. If a student is  in good academic standing with sufficient credits for graduation, they are eligible to apply  for the program. However, students enrolled in Advanced Placement  classes will not be eligible because it would overlap with exams at the end of the year. According to MacDonald-Fein, this may change in future years. The 20 students will be able to choose the company or organization they will attend. 

We can thank Mr. Allen for the internship pilot, according to  Triton Principal Patrick Kelley, “The internship program will provide an opportunity for students to gain work experience and explore a field of interest.  Our hope is that by the end of senior year students are ready for a different type of learning experience and that this provides insight into what may or may not be a good future plan.”

The internship will last five weeks from  approximately April 27th to May 29th. Each intern will be required to work 25 hours a week at a minimum, Monday through Friday. At the end of the internship, students will be asked to complete a final paper and project reflecting on their experiences. All projects, which can be a video, musical, 3D, or written presentation, will be presented at the Senior Internship Exhibition Fair. 

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