Old Glory


The American Flag in the gym sits next to the banners of our athletic victories.

In America the flag has represented our nation for many years.  Until the early 1900’s the flag’s design shifted frequently.  With the new social change in America, people are starting to ask the question of what the flag means to them.  

After the attack on the capital, many Americans started to put a specific belief onto the American flag.  Like the Confederate, it is tattered, dated, hated, and incorrect. It no longer represents the true population of the American people.  Old Glory is soon to be out of date and needs a redesign.  With the addition of Puerto Rico and D.C. lobbying for statehood and Americans not standing behind it as a whole, the flag is in need of a makeover.  Although many people might agree with me, others also don’t and agree with what the flag means.  Like many arguments there are two sides to the story and many people I talked to had many different views.

“The flag’s beauty is in its simplicity.  It is easy to draw.  Maybe, it’s not perfect, but I would have to think about it for a while.” said Triton student John Serino when asked about a redesign for the old stars and stripes.  

Many people, especially military personnel have fought by the current flag and served under it for years.  College sophomore, Ben Campbell, is a cadet at Virginia Tech in their military program.  After speaking with Ben, he told me stories about veterans that have protected what the flag represents for years.     

“The flag is the symbol of the beliefs of the American people and we serve to protect it.”Said Cadet Campbell.  

Today the flag has grown to be more than just stars and stripes, it is a belief that has been flown around the world, a belief in freedom.  Although there are many people on both sides of the argument, the flag is what American people represent even if they do or don’t believe in it.