Students From Triton High School Are Hitting Devious Licks


Madison Jacques

A soap dispenser is missing in the girls bathroom after it was vandalized last month.

Walking through the halls of Triton High School you may see students smuggling out microphones, exit signs, or even soap dispensers. This new Tik Tok trend is called “hitting a devious lick”. 

High schools all over are dealing with students stealing random objects to post on Tik Tok showing off their “devious lick”. The trend is about taking the wildest

“What happened to my world?” ”

— Scott Brennan

objects that seem hard and unnecessary to steal while filming the act and then posting it online. 

As Triton is currently short on janitors, this trend is not very great for them. “It’s just adding more to my workload,” said Ryan Collins. This year Triton only has one janitor for all the middle school and high school, typically there should be three. 

Not only are the janitors and administration tired of this trend, but many of the students are also as well. 

Scott Brennan, Triton’s assistant principal, says he thinks the trend is just stupid. Brennan says social media has changed the world drastically and influences teenagers to do stupid things, like stealing from schools. 

“What happened to my world?” said Brennan. 

He says there have been students smashing things in the building and some have taken statues, exit signs, microphones, and more. Brennan has given out more detentions this year than he ever has before. As far as punishments, he has taken a common-sense approach and uses it as an opportunity to teach students about what will happen to them if they decide to do stuff like this outside of high school. No student was required to pay a fine, but they spent time in detention and were made aware of all the consequences they would face committing these acts outside of Triton. Brennan thinks students are committing these acts to be cool and show off for their friends or social media. 

“There’s no morals and values,” Brennan emphasized. 

Sydney Marsh, a senior at Triton says she doesn’t understand how students will complain about the school being messy and unwelcoming and then proceed to trash it by stealing or damaging the bathrooms. Marsh says this trend is only hurting the students because they will take things like soap dispensers from the bathroom and then the other students only suffer by no longer having soap to use. 

“People think they’re being funny,” said Marsh when asked why she thinks students are participating in this trend. 

Brendan Stokes, a business teacher at Triton, switched classrooms this year and is now in the classroom that is right across from the boy’s bathroom. Though Stokes has not seen anything being stolen from the bathroom he does hear all the noise and sees all the traffic flowing in and out of the bathroom throughout the day. He has heard students talking about devious licks, being so close to the bathroom, and says he is disappointed in the acts. 

“I’m frustrated as a teacher and as a taxpayer,” said Stokes. 

Stokes says devious licks are a “fad” and unfortunately it is a destructive “fad”. He says it’s one thing to wear your hair a certain way or dress a certain way because it is popular at the moment, but stealing things because other people are doing it is not right.  He says all that this is doing is wasting people’s time and money and he is hoping it ends soon.