No One Better for the Job.

Mr. Vanderslice fits right in!

Michael Vanderslice in front of some of his favorite decorations in his classroom.

David Pugh

Michael Vanderslice in front of some of his favorite decorations in his classroom.

      When you first walk into Mr. In Vanderslice’ s room, you can feel his calming effect. His room is softly lit, and he has a comfy chair and spanish/latin decor on the walls. He speaks in a friendly, upbeat tone.  Even though he just got here, Vanderslice feels at home Triton,  “Everyone has been so welcoming and friendly and encouraging.”  Mr. Vanderslice, was born into a home in North Carolina where he grew up and spent most of his childhood.  In middle school, he decided to take Spanish for his foreign language and he stuck with that through high school and college at North Carolina State University. He made this decision because of the rich culture of the people and all of the amazing, far away places that are Spanish speaking.

       He got his start working with kids at summer camps where he would take the kids on hikes and even took students on an expedition to Mexico.  After working with camps for 20 years, his love for kids inspired him to start teaching.  The things that he loves most about teaching are so called “Light bulb moments,¨ when a kid starts to understand what they are learning about. 

      When asked about the teaching environment at Triton, Vanderslice said everyone was very  “Student centered.” He has really enjoyed working with the students here, who he described as eager to learn. 

     Mr. Vanderslice’s love for Triton is not unrequited. When his coworkers and students were asked about him, they all had nothing but good things to say. “He comes across as a very genuine and good person,” said principal, Mr. Kelley. His fellow Spanish teacher, Mrs. Cornell, does not disagree. “He’s very passionate about the language and culture of Spanish.” 

      The students love him too. When you walk into Vanderslice’s room, you feel comfortable; He has a cushioned recliner chair and he has many decorations on his wall. Freshman Charlie Mollineaux described him as a very understanding person who is always willing to help students.