Tickets to My Downfall

On September 25th, 2020, Machine Gun Kelly came out with a new album titled “Tickets To My Downfall”.  “You’re a fraud if you haven’t listened to this album!” said by an . This album is loved by many, and according to Billboard, it earned MGK his first No. 1 album on the Billboard 200! Although the album only came out less than a week before, the set earned an equivalent of 126,000 album units in the US during the week ending on October 1. An album unit means the same as the purchase of an album, but as a stream of a song/album or singular song downloads. 


MGK describes this album as “pop-punk” and was written and produced with the drummer of Blink-182, Travis Barker. Another anonymous interviewee said “I really love MGK with Travis Barker on the drums. Concert for aliens sounds a lot more like Blink-182 than some of Blink-182’s own songs.” This album was Machine Gun Kelly’s first time writing anything rock, and it seemed to go over pretty well. Barker is well known for his rock and roll, and was a great mentor for Machine Gun Kelly. This great collaboration  “Tickets To My Downfall” has topped both the Billboard 200 and the Top Rock Albums chart. “I think his transition from rap to rock and roll has been extremely successful, and it shows how talented he is as an artist. As an Eminem fan I clowned him for getting absolutely destroyed by em, but now I quite enjoy his rock and roll music.” says Joe Powis, a Junior at Ipswich High School. He enjoys other music by Machine Gun Kelly, and was pleasantly surprised to like this new 


On an anonymous poll to see what everyone’s favorite song was and other thoughts on the album, the top voted songs were the songs “kiss kiss” and “bloody valentine” which were both tied for most votes. Most reviews were good like this anonymous poll participant that stated “I love that he can switch up his style and still make it sound so good, this album was well anticipated and did not disappoint.” “Tickets to my Downfall” was a great success for MGK’s first album that some consider their new favorite album. 


Although this album is a hit with most, not everyone loves it. Sophia Rush, a Senior at Winnacunnet High School talked badly about the album saying that “It’s not really what I like to listen to, I didn’t like any of the songs.” Sophia is a fan of alternative and pop music and wouldn’t be found listening to Machine Gun Kelly’s music. Jason Plummer, father of Joshua Plummer, stated that “It was better than what he usually listens to, but this just is not my style.” Josh usually listens to hip-hop and pop which Jason is not a huge fan of. This album is not his usual music and being that this is his first pop-punk album, MGK has a lot of growing to do with the new genre he has been working on.