The NFL loves money more than their players


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Senior athlete Mark Anthony, enraged at the proposed NFL rule change

The NFL is back at it again, causing players to speak against their new “improvements”. The NFL plans to add an extra regular season game and expand the playoffs to more teams in 2020.

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Over the past few months, there have been whispers about the NFL wanting to expand the playoffs and add extra regular season games. In recent weeks, the NFL has announced their plans to change the regular season to 17 games and drastically alter their playoffs format. According to the NFL has set up multiple new rules:

 “The playoffs will allow 14 teams instead of 12. it will also remove the 2nd seed bye week. This means that only the first seed will get the bye in the playoffs. Statically this means that 43% of teams will make the playoffs, rather than 37% of teams. The regular season will add one game to the schedule. They are also reducing the preseason to three games.”

“ I believe it will be incredibly hazardous to the health of the players both mental and physically, you will see many players burn out quicker. Absolute horrible decision.”

— Andrew Valianti

Some NFL athletes have spoken out against the new rules. They claim that the NFL schedule is already dangerous. J.J. Watt, a player on the Texans spoke out on twitter against the proposal. “Hard no on that proposed CBA”.  


Richard Sherman, a corner back for the San Francisco 49ers is not a fan of the new rules. “it seems like player safety has a price tag. Player safety, up to the point of, ‘Hey, 17 games makes us this much money, so we really don’t care how safe they are, if you’re gonna pay us this much money to play another game.” 


If the proposal passes, then multiple teams with a .500 record could have a shot in the playoffs. For example in the 2019 season, we would have to see 8-8 Steelers in the AFC, and the 9-7 Rams in the NFC. Both of these teams had a below average year and these teams would result in a boring game. Since 1990 the lowest seed in the playoffs only had a 3.4% chance of making it to the Superbowl, adding another team only makes the odds worse.


Alongside the expanded Playoffs, the NFL plans to remove a preseason game to make up for the extra regular season game. Many athletes in the NFL that are free agents this coming off season are waiting until the rules are implemented so they can alter their prices depending on the extra games. 


Mark Anthony Glickman, a Triton senior and NFL fan is not a fan of the new rules. “ I think the NFL is trying to put into a 17th game mainly for money, this is not a huge benefit to the players or teams that are making the playoffs. It’s just a huge money thing.


Over the years the NFL has also been advocates for protecting the players and making the game as safe as it can possibly be. Recently they have put a ban on using more than one type of helmet for the safety of the players. The new rules implemented over the past few years have all been for the protection of the players on the field. 


Andrew Valianti, a Triton senior believes the 17th game is just adding more danger. “ I believe it will be incredibly hazardous to the health of the players both mental and physically, you will see many players burn out quicker. Absolute horrible decision.”


Players and fans around the country have spoken out against the ruling and have disagreed with the ideas that the NFL presented. The NFL spring meeting has been postponed due to the outbreak of the corona virus, the proposed new rules were going to be discussed at this meeting. Only time will tell on what new rules will be implemented in the future.