Squeaky Clean

Although it’s a tough topic to talk about hygiene seems to be a topic that has to be mentioned to middle school and high school kids often. 

Some middle schoolers don’t realize how important it is to stay clean. Developing a good routine for your self care is essential to make sure you are always prepared.

Showering every night and washing your hands is a big part of hygiene and should not be taken for granted. Brushing your teeth twice a day is not only good for hygiene but it’s important for your all around health too, and you should visit the dentist every 6 months. 

 Keeping germs away in the flu and cold months, even down to what you eat and consume into your body, can help your hygiene be better.  Here are some tips on how students can improve their hygiene. The department of health states the 7 tips you need to know to improve your hygiene.


The Triton Voice went around to ask high school girls and boys how many times a week they shower and the average answer was “every day” but for girls they said they shower every day but wash their hair every other day. Washing your hair isn’t actually very clean or good for your body because it strips the scalp and hair follicles of natural oils the hair needs to be healthy. Also washing hair every other day prevents the hair from becoming greasy faster. So if hair gets greasy the day after you shower start training the hair to become less greasy and shower every other day. 

“I shower everyday but wash my hair every other day”, said Triton student Emma Forrest 

The majority of high school boys shower at least once a day or sometimes twice depending on their sport schedule. But there are some teens who don’t participate in sports and still showering once a day is recommended. But definitely the more you run around or practice a sport the more often you should take showers and use soap and water