“It Was Such A Whirlwind Of A Day!”

A Second Grade Teacher's First Day Teaching

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“It Was Such A Whirlwind Of A Day!”

Grade 2 Teacher Jessica Reusch on the second day of school

Grade 2 Teacher Jessica Reusch on the second day of school

Grade 2 Teacher Jessica Reusch on the second day of school

Grade 2 Teacher Jessica Reusch on the second day of school

Will Karantonis and Jonathan Reilly

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When Jessica Reusch became a second grade teacher at Pine Grove, she never thought

she would be so unprepared for how challenging it would be.


“My first day of teaching was nothing like I expected! It was such a whirlwind of a day and it went by so fast!” said Reusch. “I had so many different activities planned for the first day of school and only got to about half of them.”


Still, despite the hectic first day, Reusch is loving teaching. Reusch, a Triton High School alumni loved her time at Triton so much that she went to college to start her education in teaching.


“Ever since I can remember I’ve always wanted to be a teacher,” said Reusch. “I grew up in a family full of teachers and saw the impact they had on their students. I wanted to have that same impact on children.”


While many students want high school to be over quickly, Reusch said she savored her years at Triton and made the most of many opportunities she was given. She spoke about her time being a Teaching Assistant for Mr. James Hounam in his Adventure Ed class.


“My sophomore year I joined the Leaders Club to be a teaching assistant for Mr. Hounam’s Adventure Ed classes,” said Reusch. “By the time I was a senior, I think that I was a TA in classes with Ms. Anderson and Mr. Hounam, plus my own required gym classes!”


When asked about his experience with Reusch, Mr. Hounam spoke highly of her and her decision to return to the district.


“She was a big help,” said Hounam. “Anytime you have somebody who helps you out in Project Adventure it makes the setup much easier each day. I’m really proud of her continuing to teach students and help them at school even after she graduated.”


He also spoke about his confidence in her teaching ability and her skill in being able to make students feel comfortable enough to learn correctly.


“I definitely do think she has what it takes to be able to make students learn the right way,” said Hounam. “I hope she has a great first year there at Pine Grove.”


Reusch also spoke about her relationships with other administrators at Triton. She spoke about her feelings towards Kathryn Dawe, the current assistant principal at Triton.


“I was really lucky to form a relationship with Ms. Dawe.” said Reusch. “She wasn’t someone who the students really got to know unless they got in trouble… I saw a completely different side of her after I convinced her to play in our Parent/Teacher vs Players Field Hockey Game! Whenever I had the chance, I stuck my head into her office to say hi.”


One thing Reusch said she relies on to assist her in getting through her hectic days is coffee. When asked about it, Reusch was very enthusiastic with her response.


“I HAVE to have coffee!!” said Reusch. “I don’t think I could start a day of teaching without it! I make my coffee every day at home with my Keurig.”


Though Jess Reusch spoke about her ups and downs with her first teaching experience, she also spoke positively about her decision and how it felt for her.


“I think the best feeling about coming back to work in the same district you went to school in, is being able to have your teacher now be your colleagues,” said Reusch. “…and that they get to see their former students succeed.”