“The Houston Astros set a Terrible Example for Young Athletes Like me”


From Washingtonpost.com Astros coach A.J Hinch during an interview

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In the 2019 World Series of Baseball, the Houston Astros competed against the Washington Nationals. However, the success of the Houston Astros is now under investigation as they are being convicted of cheating. Young athletes are supposed to look up to these players as role models. The Astros and other coaches involved in the cheating scandal set a bad example and created a bad image for the MLB.

Though speculations started in early January, the cheating actually began back in 2017. Red Sox manager Alex Cora, previously the bench manager for the Houston Astros in their 2017 season and he crafted the idea to use a center field camera to steal signs from opposing teams. When the coaches acquired the signs, they used devices to tell the batter what the pitch was going to be. The advantage of knowing what pitch is going to be thrown is that the batter will know the speed and location of the pitch. Because their batters were well informed about each pitch, their home batting average .472 and their away batting average was .134. “I couldn’t imagine stealing signs,” says senior softball player Kelly Sharkey, “I wouldn’t feel good about winning, especially at that level. Last season we won the Cape Ann League championship, if we had cheated to get there, it just wouldn’t have felt like a win.” The significant difference in the batting averages spoke for themselves, the Houston Astros were cheating. 

The consequences for the Astros were forfeiting their first and second-round picks in the 2020 draft and fined $5 million dollars. “I feel like the Astros should have more punishment,” says senior varsity baseball player MarkAnthony Glickman, “they are a disgrace to the MLB and don’t deserve the honors that they got.” The manager Jeff Lunhow and field manager A.J Hinch were suspended for the 2020 season as well, but were soon fired after the suspension was publicized. 

Evelyn Pearson is a Junior at Triton High school and plays for the boys JV baseball team. “At my age we look for role models that play in the MLB or college level,” says Pearson, “The Houston Astros set a terrible example for young players like me, and I think it was stupid of them because from an athlete level I wouldn’t be proud of winning a game by cheating. Plus the consequences that come with it after aren’t worth it.” Though the Astros had a successful season, they lost respect and trust in the MLB and fans worldwide. 

“they are a disgrace to the MLB and don’t deserve the honors that they got.””

— MarkAnthony Glickman