Is The Dynasty Over?

The Patriots have not seen the end of the dynasty yet.

The New England Patriots have been one of the most consistent football teams in the NFL for the past 20 years. With the 2019 season coming to a disappointing end with a 20-13 loss to the Tennessee Titans in the Wild Card Game in Foxboro.As fans need to look back at the season and realize that we had a good season and know that the dynasty is here to stay and the Patriots aren’t done yet. 

The Patriots started the 2019 season off going 8-0, dominating on defense and having a solid offense. Through the first eight games, the Patriots had a plus 189g-point differential, which ties the 1942 Bears for the third highest point differential in the first eight games. They started out the season with a great offense, but injuries and off-the-field issues plagued the patriots. They lose their Pro Bowl Fullback James Devlin at the start of the season who was the lead blocker all last year for Sony Micheal. We also lost Antonio Brown after week two against the dolphins because of the accusations of sexual assault that were made against him. Then the offense lost their last deep threat in Josh Gordon when he was placed on IR( Injured Reserve) after the week seven victory over the Jets. He would later be released by the team. 

             The argument that that dynasty is done is ridiculous considering that the Patriots still won their 10th AFC East Title in a row, showing that they still run the east. They had beat an up and coming 10-6 Buffalo Bills lead by Josh Allen twice to get that title. So it’s not that the AFC East is a wash like other years. 

Now let’s address our quarterback situation. There isn’t one. If and when we re-sign Tom Brady we will be right back in the hunt for a Super Bowl championship. Tom Brady had 24 touchdown passes with only eight interceptions and threw for 4,057 yards, which is comparable to other franchise quarterbacks like Carson Wentz. For Brady to have very similar stats to other quarterbacks shows how he wasn’t the issue on offense this year. The issue was the lack of weapons around him. 

If you have Brady and Belichick on the same team with Josh McDaniels as your offensive coordinator, then we as Patriots fans have a lot to look forward too. Plus, when we get some weapons for Brady to throw to this off-season, you will see the Patriots in the Super Bowl next year.  

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